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Post your own daily sports blog on Covers Spaces. If you’re looking for a home to post daily news and opinions on your favorite topics, then look no further, we have the solution for you.

Whether you are posting your daily picks, ranting about the current state of the gambling industry or simply offering daily updates on your favorite sports team – your personal Covers Blog is the place to tell people exactly what you think.

How to Create a Blog

From the customize view of your personal Covers Space page, click on the ‘new post’ link from within your Blog brick. From here, you can post your blog entry and publish to your Covers Space page within minutes. Saving your blog post does not post your blog entry to the community – it allows you to finish off your post at a later time before you publish. Clicking on ‘Publish’ after writing your blog post will instantly move your post live to your Covers Space for everyone to view. Until you publish a blog post, you can go back and update the copy if you have previously saved it.

Blog Edit

From the customize view of your personal Covers Space page, clicking on the ‘Edit’ link from within your Blog brick provides you with different blog setting options.

You can choose between three different views to display your blog posts on your space page: Full Entry, Compact, or Expanded. Select the one that fits best within your Covers Space page. You can also drag and drop the Blog brick anywhere within your personal Space page.

As a Covers Blogger, you have the option of monitoring all user comments that are posted in your blog. From within the blog edit page, we give you the ability to turn comment screening on or off. You also have the option of receiving email notifications on all new user comments if you choose to manage them before they are published live on Covers.

Click into the Posts tab on your Edit Blog page to manage your entries. If you have previously saved a blog post and are returning to finish it off, simply click on the Edit link to the right of the post entry. Or if you have saved a post and are ready to publish it for everyone to view, click on the Publish link to the right of the post entry. Clicking the ‘X’ to the right of your post entry will permanently delete the blog entry, so be certain your want to delete it before doing so.

Deleting User Comments

If you would like to remove a comment from a user within your blog, simply go to the individual blog post page which includes all of the comments. Once you are logged in to the site, there will be Delete links next to each comment on your blog. Clicking the Delete link next to a comment will permanently remove it from your published blog post.

Blog Writing Tips

  • A great headline will often define a blog. Take a little time to create a title to draw attention and interest.
  • Too long of a post is easier to forget and harder to read. Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words.
  • Support your post with links to other web pages that support your discussion.
  • Before you publish your blog, take the time to re-read and edit if necessary.
  • Fill up your blog with keywords that people would search to find your post.
  • People like to know what to expect, so remain consistent in your writing style with your posts.

Please remember, all blog posts can be viewed by the entire Covers community. Be creative and have some fun!

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