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Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2011 08:50 PM

Let me know what you guys think!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here's the deal this weekend im going to Tahoe for a friends wedding... Since sports betting is legal here i want to place a bet at a sports book for some fun, since i usually go through a local instead of dealing with an online site...

I want to do a 10 team parlay for a couple bucks maybe $20 or $25... Im thinking of doing a ML parlay since i feel i will have a better chance for it hit, rather than trying to cover spreads...

so here are the 10 teams i was thinking about they are all heavy favorites except for Auburn who is actually a dog @ Clemson... Let me know what u guys think ( any teams u really or dislike ) all comments are welcome because i want the 10 strongest teams on the board thanks in advance for anyone who posts

Teams with * are home teams

1) 9am - Michigan*

2) 9am - Auburn

3) 10am - Georgia*

4) 11am - TCU*

5) 12:30pm - Wisconsin*

6) 1pm - Virgina Tech*

7) 2:30pm - CAL Berkeley*

8) 4pm - Texas A&M*

9) 4:30pm - Alabama*

10) 7pm - Oklahoma St.

And yes i know parlays are sucker bets blah blah blah just give some feed back without bashing please, because remember its just for FUN

And when i get to Tahoe i will post a link with a pictue of the ticket


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