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Posted Monday, October 13, 2014 12:26 PM

Only In Sports Betting

You've been there

If you’ve ever bet on football you have definitely been there

And it’s really not a good position to be in

Usually it’s because the team that has the ball is trailing

Your money is with the team on defense but they’re not covering

In Sports Betting it always comes down to the point spread

One time a young boy walked into the kitchen

He asks him Mother, “Mommy, what’s a pick six?”

His mother laughs and asks him where he heard “Pick Six”

“Daddy’s watching the football game and he says that his only shot is a pick six”

The boy’s Mother laughs and pats the boy on the head.

She tells the boy, “Unfortunately a pick six is something your Daddy seems to need at the end of a lot of his football games.”

Concerned, the child says, “Will Daddy be sad if he doesn’t get a pick six?”

Handing the youngster a cookie she replies, “No, Daddy will be OK if he doesn’t get a pick six”

Then the boy asks, “Mommy what happens if Daddy gets a pick six?”

No longer able to hold in the laughter she chuckles and says

“If Daddy does gets a pick six then Mommy gets to go shopping!”

Yesterday, a lot of Dads got their wish

First it was the Broncos, then the Cardinals

Both scored late “meaningless” TDs on interceptions with less than 20 seconds left in the game

You’ll hear it from me a lot

It’s called gambling for a reason

Always Be Cashing

Posted Friday, October 10, 2014 10:59 AM

Sports Betting On Thursday

Thursday night is a tricky one

It’s pretty easy to fall into a rut during the week

Especially for a football family

When you’re blessed to start your weekends early

Normally around kick off of the first college game

Right around 7:30 pm

There may be phone calls to make

Writing that needs to be edited

Sit coms to watch

Plus Vicky gets nervous when our Best Bets are in a tight one

Literally can’t watch the game and records it in case it wins

Options are -I stay and watch whatever or -leave to catch the 4th Quarter

No options

Soon there’s a game on most nights

Hopefully, if they involve our Best Bets

It won’t be anything like Indy/Hous

A much tougher win then would have thought for never really trailing

Yet a win is a win

Once you’re nearing a month of consistency in isolating winners

Each and every www.SportsBettingWeekly.com Best Bet is exciting

Normal 0 ... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 09, 2014 03:51 PM

Sports Betting Sure Can Look Easy

"That should be a great game”

How many times have you said that when you look at the schedule for the weekend

Doesn’t always turn out that way

Certain games definitely jump off the page each week

Whether it’s the best games (on paper) or ones that are screaming a play

There are match-ups that draw your attention more than others

This week Denver heads to the Jets

With Sports Betting the house has all the advantage

Later that day the Bears play in Atlanta

You would think those are two easy games to win

The Broncos are looking great

Jets…not so much

Cutler & Ryan, in doors, has to be an OVER

Wouldn’t you think

Each week on SportsBettingWeekly.com we cover the fact that it’s not your opinion

What you're thinking is irrelevant

An advantage is exactly that and the sports book has all of it

Some teams seem like they’re scoring a bunch

Are they really

OVER/Under totals don’t lie

Your sports book has set the lines at Denver -10 and OVER 53.5 in Atlanta

Those are the highest side and total on the board

All of a sudden those games ain’t so EZ

Always Be Cashing

Posted Monday, October 06, 2014 02:28 PM

Two Hundred Words About Sports Betting

That’s what the goal will be

Content is easy to write…good content not so much

Getting at least one idea into Social Media shouldn’t take more effort than that

Since it’s been 2 months and the plan wasn’t working

Time to blow it up

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;}

The results of our SportsBettin... [More]

Posted Tuesday, July 01, 2014 03:36 PM

Ever Had Tough Choices With Your Diet

World Cup fever is a funny ailment

Especially when there's actually more offense in a Padres game (They beat the Reds 1-Nil yesterday)

Pubs in San Diego only allow plastic cups during matches (no glass)

This thing is serious

It's just that sometimes you have to make choices

Say there's a Cheese Danish in the case of the bakery counter

It's easy to pull the plug and bang down 25% of your fat allowance

Before you even make it to the cashier to pay for it

Choices with you diet are key

That's no different when you're sports betting

This is easily argued the most important game in US soccer history

We all want the Americans to win

Yet you have to choose wisely

Come on...sure I said take Germany last week

This is different...that wasn't lose and go home

Honestly betting Belgium today at +105 isn't an option if you're actually going to be out in public

Yet, although (at +276) the USA looks like a great play (even that may be an underlay)

Our "illegal" sports betting sure could fix a lot of old bridges today...if cities were getting a piece of the cash flow that has many taking the USA with their hearts (and wallets)

Do you hope for a home team win on PKs

Remember extra time and PKs don't count

Your Web Site Says:   World Cup - Graded after regulation time (90 minutes) + injury time 

So maybe today's the day when not betting is just like bet... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2014 01:27 PM

Don't Let Their Winning Percentages Fool U

Have you ever signed up for a “Free Winner” by email

Let’s not focus on that world of sports betting handicapping scams

Instead we’ll look at what happens when you enter your email address

List building is a huge part of any successful business model

It’s no different for our 2nd Half Chas brand

Once a company has your contact info they’ll drop it into some type of software

This allows them to create and schedule the messages that you’ll receive

These messages almost NEVER focus on you

Rather, as in most worlds, the sports wagering galaxy is way too narcissistic

It’s all about them

Again let’s not focus on that being a terrible marketing strategy in a world where most only care about WIFM

Your email will get messages like this:

This is a screen shot of one site telling me how great their World Cup plays are doing based on these GREAT winning percentages

Part of our mission with 2nd Half Chas is teaching others how to understand the “math” of sports wagering

In a perfect world where all your wagers are -110 (and sometimes finding that line means shopping around as -115 & -120 mean a HUGE difference) you have to win more than lose to cover the vig

Having a break even day requires a winning percentage right around 53%

When the vig rises so does that break even mark

Once you get to -150 you have to win 60% to break even[More]

Posted Saturday, June 07, 2014 11:09 AM


There's a lot of Data in an issue of the Daily Racing Form

More than you can handle early in your "learning to read the racing form career"

Here's a quick screencast of the way I read the form


Today at Belmont there are quality races with quality horses

This is not a normal day of horse racing

We'll look at class - in the money G1 or Grade 2

And we'll check out speed - unless of course they've never run the distance

Consistency is important too - multiple wins at a track or distance

Workouts too - they are a big part of how I translate the Data into $$$

Hope it helps

Always Be Cashing
2nd Half Chas

Posted Friday, June 06, 2014 07:50 PM

Living In The Present Has An Upside

Go Daddy probably isn't lying

Maybe I have gone 221 days without posting to this Blog

Hey it's not like I haven't been busy

Squeak mentioned to me a while ago that it had been a long time (Hi Mary)

There just wasn't anything left in the tank after creating the new site and dealing with social media

Sure love not having to keep it below 140 characters

Since I told Mo's listeners that I was looking forward to the Belmont and a chance for the Triple Crown

Village Square Liquor was my next stop

The only place in my neighborhood that carries the Daily Racing Form

Jay Privman probably isn't a household name to most but he's a pretty good read

I'm perusing his article on whether this is the year or just another "woulda coulda shoulda"

Then it clicked

Your truly,  Class of  78 - Notre Dame High School (West Haven, CT)

It's been that long

Everyone knew that whole Affirmed/Alydar thing was special  

Maybe while we were in the present it was more difficult to realize just how special it really was

Don't find myself spending that much time dwelling in the past

Investing a lot of time "trapping rabbits" tends to leave you living solidly in the present

Of course, residing in the moment has an upside

Anything's possible when you have an intense focus on tomorrow

It'll be the same thing for one particular horse... [More]

Posted Friday, October 25, 2013 06:24 PM

What Kind Of Horses Do Cowboys Prefer

One of the aspects of maintaining the most extensive database of football point spreads

In the entire world is the whole area of perspective

Any Data file can be interpreted in different ways depending on the eye balls doing the viewing

The way we see it may not be the way you see it

This is the most exciting part of offering our "spread sheets" to the public

There has to be a gambling "nerd" out there that's going to help us all win a lot of bets

When they see something that others didn't

Until then we're keeping it simple

If a team covers in the 1st Half week in and week out

We're only betting the 1st 30 minutes

Teams that consistently win ATS for the 2nd Half will allow our patience to be tested but we won't bet them until half time

In breaking down our info for our personal wagers we NEVER look at anything except ATS records

Of course we could do better if we took into account more variables (and we're doing PRETTY DAMN GOOD already)

There is simply not enough time

When we say we NEVER look at anything...it includes the lines themselves

Then when we're creating the list of 75-95 possible wagers will be covering on any given weekend
It's quite simple...if the team is an underdog we'll look for money line opportunities

This week it's a 2 team parlay with Boise State on Friday and Dallas on Sunday

The payoff is a tick less than 7-1 which is a lo... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:18 AM

How Long Does It Take To Discover A Gold M

Trendsday really is a great way to spend a day in the middle of the week during football season

Breaking down mountains of Data into some type of legible information takes a while

Although the capturing of the Data starts early on any game day

And runs all day long on Saturday & Sunday

The processing of all the numbers afterwards takes most of the two days that follow

But it’s worth every second

Because when you open up your football wagering opportunities

To include every line that’s available

You’ll find the Gold Mine that is our Data

We hesitated for a bit going forward with the name SixBetsAGame

Especially when we started adding 1st Quarter Data but the fact that many NCAA games don’t have lines

Meant that SixBetsAGame remained

While almost every article you read this season focuses on how tough it’s been to pick winners

The whole industry focuses on the Games

Not us

And we’ve been fortunate enough to win more than we lose week in and week out

It’s isolating trends like the following that deserve all the credit:

Georgia State is one of the more recent additions to NCAA lines

Maybe the reason they’re doing so well ATS is that they’re getting a lot of points each week

Why our trends keep winning has never been of interest to us...we never care why

Are we cashing?

That’s all that matters

This season there hav... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2013 05:00 PM

Does It Make You Laugh Too?

Marketing any business can be a difficult proposition.

Today’s consumers are flooded with messages everywhere they turn.

There’s your TV where it seems as they actually think that if it’s louder you’ll pay attention more.

Listening to commercial sports talk radio is no different and do you really think the talent uses all the products they’re pitching.

Your phone and the mobile advertising it transmits is now all the rage with Marketing Consultants.

Then there’s your good old email in box.

In putting together the marketing plan for our new web site we’re researching dozens of opportunities.

Over the last few years, businesses have noticed a dramatic decrease in their ability to rely on email as a reliable piece of their marketing mix.

It’s very difficult to even get a message opened never mind having it read or hope for the recipient to take some sort of action step.

You would think that the “Experts” in the sports wagering business would know better.

Here’s a screen shot from the email address we use for SixBetsAGame.com



This year’s Super Contest at The Las Vegas Hilton has over 1,000 contestants.

It’s the World Series of Poker for Football wagering.

So far this year 41 entrants or less than 4% have a winning percentage over 60%.

Yet the guys that are sending us emails

From all the lists we’re still on when we spent a couple of ... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 02:59 PM


When we’re betting our hard earned money it’s important to have a solid wagering strategy. Although there are many variables involved in picking football games, we would rather find winners than losers.

Of course, cashing your ticket is the most important end result, it’s just that betting against a team is always a little more dicey. Although there are some programs in the NCAA that will give you a nice winning percentage by taking whoever they’re playing each week, we normally try to ride a team that’s covering each week by actually winning the game.

Louisville dialed it in for the 2nd Half last week at Temple but not before helping us start off another very profitable Saturday by winning the 1st Half 24-0. This week they’re hosting Rutgers. In the previous three home games this year, the Cardinals have outscored the visiting team 103-0. Five games into the season the only 1st Half points Louisville has given up is a field goal by Kentucky giving them a 137-3 point differential before the break.

Teams that are giving 3 TDs or more fit well into our “Let’s Play 30!” strategy. We’ll hit them in the 1st Half before they lose their attention span and start getting the younger kids real game experience.

1st Half Louisville (-11)

Always Be Cashing

2nd Half Chas

Follow Our Trends
Follow Chas On T... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 09, 2013 09:19 PM

Let's Play 30!

We're getting over a bug that kept us in bed for a couple days so there won't be a recording of this post.

Our Souvenir Football web site has allowed us to learn first hand how aggressive both the NCAA and NFL can be in protecting their brands.

The whole Play 30 theme could be setting up our mailbox for delivery of a nice little cease and desist letter.

That being said, Let's Play 30 is steadily becoming our rally cry!

It's just a fact that we have proven week in and week out during this football season.

Betting on just a 30 minute segment of a football game makes it much easier to win wagers.

Whether it's Betting The Second Half or wagers on the 1st 30 Minutes, each and every week this season our strategy has been successful.

No more was it more evident than in this week's NCAA Top 5 action.

If you had placed 5 straight bets on the Top 5 teams in the NCAA rankings the total spread you were giving was a combined 121 1/2 points.

Works out to a little more than a 3 TD average per game..

Those wagers ended up 3-2 ATS which is a 60% Win Rate and not bad.

Winning 6 out of 10 bets every week will keep you in the black and probably lead to your friends asking you... Who do you like this week?".

When you look at those same 5 teams and how they fared in the 1st Half it's a little different outcome.

Adding the 1st Half point spreads together showed those Top 5 were giving 78 points.
... [More]

Posted Saturday, October 05, 2013 02:16 AM


Many of us spend time each weekend playing handicapper during the football season. Most of us would agree that being a professional gambler would be a difficult way to go through life.

It’s very easy to bet on football games. A little more difficult to win those bets. When you spend as much time every week dealing with data from every football played so far this year you realize why winning is such a rare occurrence.

The ability to offer opinions on various contests each week is a privilege that imposes a lot of pressure. Much more than is created when the clerk prints your tickets. Especially if you offer the same Data on a monetary basis.

So rather than call it in the air both of the plays that excited us are included. Since we hit games 3x quite often (including last week) we’ll try for four on Saturday.

Kansas had a few years where they were close to being a factor. That is not a word you would use to describe the Jay Hawk team hosting Texas Tech. In the first three games of this season they have scored 24 points in the 1st Half. The Red Raider D has that beat with only allowing 16 points and that’s in FOUR games.

Yet that wasn’t even the Game that excited us the most as Louisville has similar Data to what the Broncos had last week.

So this is what we’re doing.

1st Half Texas Tech (-10)
1st Half Louisville (-17.5)
Louisville (-32)
2nd Half Louisville (TBD)

Al... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 02, 2013 06:13 PM

ABC’s Of Betting The Second Half

Every so often when we talk about sports betting we remind our readers that there is

and that of course is to not bet at all.

Otherwise, the issue becomes money management.

There are many philosophies on that subject.

Ours is pretty simple:

A)    Win more bets then you lose

If all bets are equal at -110 you have to win approx 53% just to break even

B)    Bet more on your Best Bets 

Of course they’d better win (if your Best Bet doesn’t win it’s hard not to lose money that day)

C)    Avoid Parlays

If you can multiply fractions then you know there is nothing more to discuss

Here’s another ABC example to show EXACTLY HOW our 2nd Half Data will help you win more games then you lose:

Lets look at some NFL Data from last year:

A is for Arizona Cardinals –

If you followed the OV/Un for their Games last year it was a “coin flip” at 7-9

When you followed the 2nd Half for the OV/Un 11 of those13 second half finals were Under (84%) including one stretch of 8 straight weeks

B is for Buffalo Bills –

After a bye in Week 8 their record ATS in Games was 4-5

During that same stretch their 2nd Half Totals were Under 7 of the 9 times

For a -110 to ge... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 01, 2013 12:37 PM

Can You Really Have Too Much Fun?

50 Hours for $860

Works out to $17.20 an hour

Well above both the National & California minimum wage levels

Simply by having the previous results of EVERY SINGLE 1ST Quarter, 1st Half & 2nd Half ATS

As part of our Data package (get it here)

We had cashed out the balance of our previous winnings and started all over again

On Friday 9/27 at 5:25pm we deposited $50 into our account (see below)

09/27/2013 17:28:56

Web Money Transfer - WU Nicaragua//pabloz




09/27/2013 17:28:56

Cash Bonus //Ref: 98186474




They gave us a $5 bonus (as the Church Lady would sat...Isn't that special!")

Sunday at 7:25pm (50 hours later) we had a balance of $910.45 an $860 increase (see below)

So we took another Payout

09/29/2013 19:28:22

Wager Won




09/29/2013 19:48:39

Payout Western Union//dorisp




Watching the 2nd Half of the Monday Night game it kind of hit us

How many of the winners that we cashed were a DIRECT RESULT of the Data

Rather than just phenomenal handicapping ability...(Hey Comic Con...now that's a REAL super power)

So we went through the “Graded Wagers” and took a look

The MNF was actually the BEST EXAMPLE

If... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 29, 2013 01:16 PM


When you break a football game down into 30 minutes it’s a little easier to find wagering opportunities.

Sunday’s Eagles/Broncos game is gift wrapped for SixBetsAGame.

Home team’s favored by DD should win the game. They’re the better team. Why only cash one ticket when you can cash 3x as many. Denver and Manning have looked like the cream of the crop so far this year. Having them at -10.5 for the Game today looks like a solid play

That where our wagering strategy really pays off. There are games where you can hit Six Bets by covering the 1st Half & 2nd Half as well as your “old school” Game bets. Sometimes when a favorite gets a big lead it can be followed by a nasty “back door cover”.

Peyton himself admitted that they’re better after the break. Our data has allowed us to cash EVERY SINGLE WEEK this year on the Eagles. That’s because we have Data showing that Philadelphia hasn’t covered for the 2nd Half since last November 5th (at N.O) and have lost ATS 11 weeks in a row.

This is very close to being one of those match-ups with SixBetsAGame where you can cash a 2-teamer with Favorite/OVER parlay 3 TIMES. However, the OVER is 57.5 and we’ll pass just in case Denver’s the only team scoring.

We’ll continue with the 2nd Half trend and also have Denver for the 1st Half & the Game looking to cash 3 tickets with 1 win.

1st Half Denver -7
Game Denver -10.5
2nd Half Denver (TBA[More]

Posted Friday, September 27, 2013 01:02 PM


Each week of the season our Data pile grows as the additional games add pages to the NCAA spread sheet. Every team’s ATS record is important when you’re looking for a wagering opportunity that involves only 30 minutes of a football game.

This week South Florida is back in action off a bye week. We’re still thankful for their last game when they rolled over at home (-12) and we had FAU on the ML (+375). Following how teams play for just the 1st Half or only during the 2nd Half requires patience to go with the Data.

Sometimes it isn’t about finding a “Winner”, when a “Loser” will work just as well.

USF hasn’t covered in 10/12 for the 1st Half and they were coming off a bye for this matchup last year before being toasted at Miami 40-9 (including a 16-3 1st Half). The line is 19 and in games where you’re giving 3 TDs we’ve seen too many things happen in the 4th Quarter for us to bet on the entire 60 minutes. Watching a “back door cover” when your Redshirt Sophomores start playing against the other team’s Seniors isn’t something we want to deal with.

The “U” is “traveling” for the first time this season after three home games and they don’t even have to leave the state. They’ve put up three decent starts this year including scoring 14 on the Gators and that’s a decent defense. They should win the game handily and the -19 is worth a play as well.

We just don’t want to spend an entire 60 minutes watching South Flor... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2013 02:46 PM

Will Work For Data

There was nothing we could do

The helplessness was overwhelming

It was happening right in front of our eyes and we couldn’t stop them

First it was -14

A few clicks later -14.5 then -15 followed by -15.5

Finally by kickoff the line for the 2nd Half of the CSU/Alabama game had ballooned up to -16

By now most have seen the picture from Twitter

Side Bar -Follow Chas On Twitter  (@2ndHalfChas)

Floyd Mayweather let everyone know that he had placed $220K on the 1st Half of last week’s SMU/AM game

All we do is talk to people everyday about the opportunities that come from 1st Half and 2nd Half bets

His ticket was an easy winner

If you had A&M for the Game (-27.5) you remember that during the 4th Q it got a little dicey where Floyd’s 1st Half wager was the easiest of winners

Sometimes the data is MORE VALUABLE in helping you decide when NOT TO BET

When you watched the 1st Half of the CSU/Ala game you saw that the Rams were outclassed in every aspect

Sure they were hanging around as the Tide didn’t even cover the 1st Half spread…but they weren’t doing anything either…Alabama was playing with them like you would with your younger brother

You don’t want to hurt him…but you ain’t gonna let him win either

Alabama was cruising to another easy victory over an over matched foe

Yet the money poured in

We all know how m... [More]

Posted Monday, September 23, 2013 06:34 PM

1st Quarter OVER/Under Opportunity

Similar to the Seattle spread yesterday, the amount of points Denver is giving continues to grow as we get closer to MNF kickoff. The line was -14 a few hours ago and in some locations is up to -16.5. Consensus shows 2/3 willing to give 3 scores while 1/3 are taking the generous offering.

Our experience with these types of games says tread lightly no matter what side of the stands you’re on because although Oakland is over matched, we NEVER feel comfortable following the public when their pumping up the numbers.

These types of NFL games are unusual in that the spreads are more like something you would see on Saturday. We treat them accordingly in that we look for opportunities early in the game, make a decent size play, cash and then watch the rest of the game to see if another profitable situation arises later on.

This is the first season that we’re tracking 1st Quarter data. It’s only been two weeks but this game is a case where both teams have started slow so far this year. The visitors will be doing everything they can to keep Manning’s Offense off the field. Eventually Denver will score but early on we’re looking for some Polish love after a long drive to eat up 1/2 of the 1st 15 minutes.

That’ll help us win our Under 9.5 (+110) wager on the 1st Quarter. After that hold onto your hats we expect another Mile High Explosion. So either way when the 1st Quarter ends will be covering the in-game line wit... [More]

Posted Friday, September 20, 2013 08:16 PM

Money Line Parlays

In two years of blog posts we’ve been fairly clear on how we feel about parlays. There is one exception where the 4-1 odds that a 2-teamer should really pay is indeed a reality.

That’s with Money Line Parlays.

The other thing that’s great about ML wagers is that even when you split them…you still turn a profit. Unlike the -110 of a normal straight wager, money line wagers trade you an increased return in exchange for the points.

Each week when we go through our spread sheets of data we’ll isolate a few Underdogs that, on paper anyway, are the better teams yet they’re getting points.

Normally if it’s less than a TD we’ll pick two and bet them both on the ML and add a small parlay that usually pays 6/7-1.

Last week was an exception. Below is the printout:

FAU was an easy winner as a DD Dog providing us a 11.5-1 ROI.

This week Army comes into the match-up with Wake Forest 2-0 ATS so we’ll decline the 3 points and also bet Texas San Antonio with their 6 straight wins ATS (+1) vs UTEP minus the line.

Our sports book hasn’t put the numbers out so we’ve no idea what it’ll pay when we cash. What we do know is that …

Points, we don’t need no stinkin’ points!

Always Be Cashing

2nd Half Chas

Follow Our Trends [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 05:55 PM

"Trendsday" September 18, 2013

Our family watched Money Ball for the first time this week.


Let’s paint a clear picture.


The family was on the couch watching the movie while I sat at a table on the laptop organizing 3 different spread sheets with the movie in the background.


One excel file is the Up To Date ATS file which shows every NFL team and the results for their records in the 1st Quarter, 1st Half, 2nd Half and Game ATS.


Spread sheet #2 has every single point spread for the total and side for all those betting opportunities.


Final document is our program that analyzes the trends based on the data entered.


All of it combined is a ton of work.


Yet the irony of watching that movie as the data was being processed was pretty cool.


Data doesn’t lie and has no emoti... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 11, 2013 03:22 PM

"Trendsday" September 11, 2013

9/11 will always be a day to remember so heart felt prayers are sent out


Our first action this season used the DATA GOLD MINE we’ve created to follow the NFL pre season trends


It was the week ending Sunday 8/3 and it was a profitable one for our balance


As did the next week ending 8/10 and the week after that (8/17)


Then 8/24 & 8/31 & 9/7 all ended in the black


(Last week was our best week of the year so far)


SixBetsAGame.com has opened the season with 6 straight weeks of profitable wagering


This year started with a small Free Play the book was kind enough to dump in our account


Those initial wagers were winners and became Real Money


Establishin... [More]

Posted Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:09 PM

Betting The Second Half

Our 1st Half wagers has always treated us well on Saturdays especially in games that are blowouts helping us avoid that back door cover provided by underclassmen getting "valuable" playing time

Many football games are two different contests in one

Betting The Second Half on Sundays over the last couple seasons has allowed us to be on a first name basis with the girl at the WU office where we pick up our payouts

Yesterday's MNF was a prime example (x2)

Most threads here are well done with obviously tons of research invested

Does anyone else on Covers use the opportunities provided by 1st Half & 2nd Half lines ????

Just curious...

As always thanks for the great insight provided elewhere

Posted Tuesday, September 10, 2013 11:57 AM

Act IV - Scene II -Betting The Second Half

The opening week of NFL Football was a lot of fun

For many reasons

The fact that our trends went 6-2 was a big part of it

More importantly was the role we were on thanks to our data

We hit four straight 2nd Half plays to end the weekend

This last one was the easiest yet most difficult as I know the DVR was going to be painful for our in house Charger fan

If you had bet the same 4 teams for the game your record was 2-2

When there is money on the line 4-0 beats 2-2....well 4-0 pretty much always beats 2-2

Tuesday 09/10/2013



Football - Houston Texans -7 -120 for 2nd Half


Monday 09/09/2013



Football - Washington Redskins -1 -110 for 2nd Half


Sunday 09/08/2013



Football - Dallas Cowboys -½ +110 for 2nd Half


Sunday 09/08/2013


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Team: San Diego State Aztecs
Occupation: Sales/Marketing

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