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Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 07:38 PM

To all my friends here

 I truly hated to leave all my friends here at covers as there are so many good people here and i got to know a lot of them but there are also a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone they start out as though there  your  best friend but as soon as you have a bad run they turn  against  you  very quickly these were people who i considered friends here and then only to read some of the comments  that were left in my e-mail you would have thought i hurt someone they really cared about by the language being used and the threats that were made so the best thing for me was to leave. I have found it rather  hilarious that a few have started posting plays and now act as though they are some top handicapper but i will wish them luck but i also want them to stay away from me.

I have moved on and i am surrounded with really good people like alot of you here and i'm happy with my decision. It was rather comical in away that this started over 2 bad weeks i had when the playoffs started and since i left i have gone 9-1 in the playoffs everyone has bad runs but it is those who believe in what they do and in god that end up reaping the fortune now&n... [More]

Posted Saturday, September 12, 2009 04:10 AM


(Sides 0-1 -8.8units) (Totals 0-1 -5.5units) (Parlay 0-1 -2units) (Overall 0-3 -16.3units)     Weell guys the first game of the season did not go our way but it's a long season fellas we will defintley get them on sunday guys.......Just remember we had a great season last year and for that matter we have shown a profit in the last 4 seasons so no worries here!!!!!     15* DALLAS -5.5 (Top play)   Last season we were 13-4 during the regular season with our top plays and this is the top play for week #1.......The bucs did not look sharp in the preseason they also have a new coach a new d-cordinator and they fired there offensive cordinator a week before the season opener there only real positive is there running game but i look for the cowboys to put a stop to that here and the cowboys are usually at there best early in the season and this sets up real well for them here  the bucs are also very young on the defensive side of the ball in all honesty i see this bucs team not winning more than 5 games this season.......Lets back the boys as our first top play in week #1!!!!!!   Dallas 27- Bucs 10     10* JAGS/COLTS OVER 44.5   I believe this jags team will be better and should be alot better on offense here early in the season and i think manning should have np problem against that jags secondary actually i'm kind of skeptical of both defenses here.......Lets take the over and not worry about it my friends!!!!! ... [More]


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