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Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:26 AM

Orlando will blow out G-State Thursday

Shld be @ least a 10 pt win. GSW will be banged up inside w/ Kwame injuring his shoulder vs Miami last night & BIedrins will be rusty fresh off an ankle injury. Howard averages 17 pts & 19 boards vs GSW & shld have a field day. After an average game last night vs Portland he should bounce back. Golden State still flying high after a big come back OT win over Miami will come crashing back down from the clouds. Pretty sure Orlando still remembers their very last meeting last season when GS bombed 21 of 35 threes coming back from a 17 pt deficit and winning by 3 pts in OT. 

Predicted score:

ORL 92 - GSW 81

Posted Sunday, October 24, 2010 08:23 PM

Heat-Celtics breakdown

I predicted initially that Boston would be small favorites considering they are the Eastern Conference Champions and last years runners up in the Finals and only lost game 7 vs LA by 4 pts with Perkins injured. Furthermore Miami are playing them on their home court so really i'm not so sure why Miami are favored in this situation considering also Boston are a proven squad and we are not. Garnette their key guy is also much healthier.

We all know Miami will be a heavy public favorite in this game and vegas knows this so why would they make it so easy to lay such small points here. I mean Miami to win by 1 pt with Wade, Lebron and Bosh??? it just seems way too easy! and would seem that line is begging for Miami action.

Based on the line alone i would say to bet Boston in this game spite of initially liking Miami before i saw the opening line.

Now let's look at last years regular season match ups:

Nov 29th:
Boston in Miami - Miami lost by 7 pts

Jan 6th:
Boston in Miami game whent into O.T. w/ Garnette injured. Miami lost by 6 pts.

FEb 3:
Miami in Boston - Miami lost by 5 pts.

Including the playoffs Miami were defeated by Boston by an average of about 6 pts (not including the blow out win in game 2). Now this is with Wade being surrounded by the chumps that he had & the shallow bench that Miami had...........

So with that said now here's the other side of the coin:

I ... [More]

Posted Monday, July 27, 2009 06:57 AM

Miami Heats Time Is Now!

"I'm in my prime right now, playing the best basketball I've ever played, and I feel as good as I ever felt. So let's not wait. Let's do it now if we can do it. So it's not about me signing a contract." - Wade

"They have to do everything they can to make sure they want me there for the future," he said.

If Riles wants Wade to sign he should make major moves now to entice rather than wait for him to sign the extension. Riley should do all he can to keep a player like Wade and make it his priority!!!!!
I've been watching Wade since 2003 & his game has improved significantly he will only continue to improve wich is the scary bit but right now is the right time to push as he is playing exceptionally well!!!!

Wade once again put Miami Heat on his back and made the squad filled with rookies & young players into not only a .500 team but Playoff contenders. I think everybody knows Miami would have not had as many wins as they did and place 4th in the East had they no Wade i mean look at that line up. And if only they had more victories Wade could have been not only Scoring Champ but league MVP also.

Miami i understand are after a veteran guard and it has not been stated but i know Riley's inclination to Centers that we may have a surprise in the works. Either wayI know Riley will be shaking up that line up worse than an abusive step father once Wade places his sig on the dotted line as Wade cannot continue to carry the load as must get h... [More]

Posted Monday, June 08, 2009 09:02 AM

3 Crucial Calls late in the 4th that decided game 2

3 game changing calls going against Orlando when scores were close and if those calls had gone the other way Orlando may have stolen game 2.

I backed the Magicians tonight and was obviously the play in game 2. They adjusted well out rebounding LA 44-35, Shot better than 29.9% shooting 41.8% and spite of LA shooting the same % as game 1 and spite of them missing some open looks and easy shots they still kept the ball game close and it was those home court advantage calls that gave LA the edge here IMHO!!!!

I just wanted a cover here as i know LA will probably end up taking this series but some of these calls against Orlando was just rediculous. Your damn right i'm leaning the Magicians as small home faves for game 3 are you kidding me!!

BTW i wonder if that Polka dood has already slit his wrists after plastering covers with "Orlando backers are idiots and retards" posts - lol what a jerk-wad.

Posted Sunday, June 07, 2009 10:53 AM

NBA Finals Game 2 - Orlando Magicians Vs Los Angeles Lakeroonies

1-1 finals game 1

77-61-2 playoffs


OVER 202

A pinch of several days rest rust & a cup of some finals jitters, stir thoroughly & serve - mmmmm Tastes like UNDER.

Orlando only shot 29.9% from the field & 34.8% from the arc. Now that they have been exposed to a finals game atmosphere the jitters may be minimal and some rust may have been brushed off and squeeks oiled and lubricated. Orlando made some nice drives in the paint and also had many open looks but could not finish i think that may be due to the jitters and rust and the same drives may sink more in game 2. After adjustments made by Orlando after the blow out they should shoot better than 29.9% and score higher than 75 points.

LA shot 46.1%, the way Kobe looks like he hasn't eaten in months i think he and his crew may continue to shoot well as the several days rust may be behind them also. Kobe put on a clinic and did what he pleased on the Magicians, we all know nobody is stopping him and will continue his onslaught.

Furthermore Phil Jack took the foot of the gas for pretty much the most of the 4th Q and if Magic stay in this game LA will play to the wire and the total will be pushed much higher than it was in game 1.

Moreover both squads scored an average above 100 pts in reg season and La scored exactly 100 in game 1. I think LA may score over 100.

Also leaning:

ORL plus the pts

based mainly on th... [More]


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