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Posted Thursday, September 12, 2013 02:42 PM

FRESHMEN 2nd week..

I might be a freshmen on NFL Betting Forums, but u dont need to post ur picks to reAlize u how to play this "game"..

My vision picks for 2nd week:

| ATS |
*NE -12 (Dont worry bout the injuries, Vegas assumes the public going for Jets DUE to injuries, Brady dont need no special just a WR and a RB to catch n run the  .

*BAL -7 (Bmore -7 is a wise choice, reigning  def going for points this game especially they're coming back to M&T Bank(1st home game) and NO way J.Harbaugh is letting his boys lose 2x after earning a ring a couple of months ago)

*CAR -3 (Carolina does better on the road, especially the up  Northeast states)

*KC -3 (Cant believe Im saying this but it ONLY took a new coach, a new QB, new additions to the D and KCity is dangerous SLEEPER team under the radar(prolly losing in the 1st or 2nd round of playoffs)

PHI -52.5 OVER (Coach Kelly knows how to run over 70+plays, equals pts for Philly and since their D is suspect then the points.)

SEA 44 UNDER (Both teams are top 2 Defense teams in the league when healthy but another tough game with hesitation of throwing down the field from both QB's)

Play w/ ur head not ur heart =  &

Please advise,send comments...lets start a SEASON discussion!


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