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Posted Friday, December 18, 2009 07:40 AM

Saints Questionable Defense, Is It Really In Question?


 Just about now everyone is wondering why in the world that this season has been filled with play calls made by the coaches that will make you scratch your head, and feel at your empty pockets. "If only they just kicked that field goal." "Only if" seems to be the topic almost every week in this 2009 season of the NFL. "Why in the world would they do that?,that guy should be fired, I would have done it this way." The list goe's on and on.

  This is outlined with the games played by the most hated and admired teams, the Denver Bronco's. Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and recently in this past Sunday of week 13, the New Orlean saints.The Saints had the ball on the 20 yard line of the Atlanta Falcons with two and a half minutes to play in the fourth quarter, leading by the score of 26-23, and it was fourth down and seven. With a chance of kicking a field goal and force the Falcons to make a touchdown, they  decided to fake the field goal attempt and tried to get the first down or maybe a touchdown to close out the game. Not only did they fail to convert the first down, but they gave the Falcons a chance to easily tie the game or win it with a touchdown. With that much time left, it was more than possible for any team to march down the field against a questionble defense of the New Orlean Saints. That play was not only a failure, but also was the deciding facto... [More]


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