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Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2009 12:14 AM

Just a thought for Steelers fans

Ken Whisenhunt (spelling?) vs. Mike Tomlin as a head coach. Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator for Bill Cowher, did an excellent job, won a superbowl with him and I assumed was the next in line. He was passed over by Rooney for Mike Tomlin, a coach with little experience. With Rooney's stance on minorities coaching in the NFL being interviewed too, in mind, I wasn't surprised when he went with someone like Tomlin. I don't fault Tomlin for losing to Jacksonville last year, I thought Jacksonville was the better team and picked them to go to the superbowl before the season started this year. :(   But that is nor here nor there. I had never heard of Mike Tomlin. I think he has done a decent job with the superbowl caliber team he inherited. That fake punt at their own 44 yard line against San Diego pissed me off a bit I must admit, especially when they didn't get the first down.. Dumb Call. They went on to dominate though. I am more impressed with what Whisenhunt has done with a shitty Arizona team though and think Rooney fucked himself, the fans and the francise in the butt by adhering to his policies on interviewing minorities first vs. someone already there with experience and talent but happens to be white.   I would love to see an all PA. superbowl for personal reasons but the next best thing would be an Arizona vs. Pitt superbowl to see who the best coach is. Then I would love to see Tomlin prove he is indeed ahead of his time and got ... [More]


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