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Posted Friday, August 29, 2008 11:13 PM

Gov. Sarah Palin

Hey people -- I havent been around for a while but HAD to put in my 2 cents since I am reading alot of inaccurate reports.  Please please remember this woman has only come onto the national scene in the past 14 hours.  Give her a chance before bashing. 

As a 41-year resident of Alaska, wife, and mother of 2, I am THRILLED at this selection.  Sarah not only brings a new face to D.C., but integrity, honesty, and a drive that Americans will not soon forget once they see her in action.  She has fought big oil in Alaska and has held the oil companies accountable, so I am not sure why critics are calling her pro-oil.  Pro-development, yes.  90% of Alaskans are pro-development.  Alaskans know how to drill and protect our environment -- we have been doing it for over 30 years.  Hopefully the rest of the United States will realize that Alaska can greatly benefit the rest of the country on decreasing its dependence on foreign oil and start right here at home. 

Her "scandal" is over-rated.  She is Governor.  She can hire and fire as she wishes.  If she chooses to fire her Public Safety Commissioner, it is her choosing.

Last week, she signed a new $40 Billion natural gas pipeline.  Yes, a new pipeline is being built to send natural gas to the Lower 48 for heating and further energy support.  She fought against the "old boys club" up here to expose corruption, of which 4 former legislators ar... [More]


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