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Posted Wednesday, February 13, 2013 09:35 PM

Northern Trust

4 of 5 weeks have been winners YTD 2013.  Plus ~9 units last week.  Maybe I'll have time to total it all up over the weekend. 
In case anyone wants to know, I spend a lot of time capping my picks.  I go back three years for each tournament to analyze three sets of data to determine which factors lead to the most success.  The first set of data includes things such as current form, course form, event form, location, and course compatibility.  The second set of data includes stats for the past 8 weeks.  The stats include things such as GIR, DD, DA, TA, TD, BST, SC, PA, and All Around.  The third set of data is the in-running stats for the tournament.

For this week, I have determined the following factors are the most important:

Data set 1:  In order of importance...Location, Course Compatibility (in terms of DD, DA, GIR, SC), current form and course form.

Data set 2: In the order of GIR, PA, and DD.

Data set 3: In this order...Par4 performance, SGP, Par Breaker, Par 3 and TP.

If anyone has any questions let me know.

A couple early plays....

Rollins over Perez -110 1U
Stadler over Chappel -140 2.5U
Moore over Furyk -115 1U
Bubba over Westwood -120 2U
Henley over Yang -120 2.5U

BOL to all!!


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