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Posted Thursday, June 04, 2009 10:47 AM

Lakers Finals sweep paying +850? I like!

Supposedly the NBA is about matchups.  How are the Lakers gonna find a better match up then the Magic.  The Cavs key flaw was the lack of guard defense.  The Lakers have that in bunches and have the likes of Vujucic, Famar, and Walton on the bench!  Alston will not have a single good game this series scoring wise.  Gasol has gone from soft to a presence on the inside, he will do well clogging up the lane so that the Lakers size advantage will be very apparent.  The Magic lack a Luis Scola/Artest, that can score from outside, drive on either side, draw fouls and play good inside D.  The have Dwight Howard, one guy.  IF coach is any kind of coach, which many haters will say he isn;t, he will get Howard in all kinds of trouble.  On top of that Dwight Howard just doesn;t have the ability at this point to carry his team to a championship, let alone a win against the lakers.  Without a dynamic scorer like Nelson the Magic are doomed.  The only wild card in this scenario is Rashard Lewis, he will be a tough matchup for the Lakers cause it may cause Gasolto come out to the perimiter on Defense.  However, I feel that Bynum, even though he is playing poorly should be good enough to keep the Magic from getting easy buckets in the paint, I know Lewis won't.  Lebron had a shot, cause he would have been unguardable, Kobe vs. Lebron would have been nice.  But we are all gonna have to take what is given to us and watch Kob... [More]

Posted Sunday, March 08, 2009 05:08 PM

MArch 8

Free play

DUKE +8 AT Chapel Hill
Very difficult to imagine duke not playing its best basketball in this one, tough game for UNC as they try to ride into ACC tourney.  Duke gets smoked in 2H by UNC at Cameron, look for them to have made those adjustments in the zone today.  Duke has a decent chance for the upset.  Two solid tourney terms doing battle tom.  Take down to +7, no worse

Guaranteed Under (8u)

West Kentucky/Fla. Int. Under 137
Stat anomolies all over the board, Definite play if consensus stays above 60% on Over. Playoffs mean tight games, 1h Safe, Do not DD

March 8 Bonus Play (2u)

Santa Clara +14.5 Over Gonzaga
In two meeting against Gonzaga this year, SC was trounced away, and was poised to get revenge at home until home crowd interference ruined their chances to get the win.  Santa Clara matches up well against Gonzaga on the inside with the Big John Bryant.  Santa Clara will put up a fight, on a neutral court.  Gonzaga definitely thinking ncaa tournament as they have won the WCC reg season title already.  TAKE at +14 or better only.


... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 04, 2008 02:28 PM

For those who like to play unders I got two for yah today

Went 1-1 yesteday with my plays, 0-1 in baseball
-We got the rubber match both teams should be looking to rely on their studs to put in two solid performances.  Offense was told to rest last night. 
BAL/MINNY UNDER 4.5 1st 5/ 8.5 Game (+107, -110)
-Cabrera is rounding into form early this season and the O's against lefties has been laughable all season.
a G on each play GL ALL.


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