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APK has made a decision. Starting today APK will post L0CKS ONLY on this spaces page

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Posted Sunday, February 14, 2010 07:17 PM   0 comments

APK has a tremendous record when posting plays considered "L0CKS"

Going into toady, APK is 28-8 ( 77.7% )

The thing is when APK posts his play as a "Lock", "Deadbolt", "Amazin" play in the mains....his thread gets edited.


Many of you have emailed APK and PM'd APK asking APK to post the plays LOCKS here, where the word LOCK won't be edited.

APK has heard you....
APK agrees, this gives everyone the best opportunity to separate a regular APK play, from an APK LOCK.

LOCKS 2-0 today.......
waiting on result of Blackhawks game

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