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Posted Saturday, December 11, 2010 12:52 PM

Take Two! (Bowl Season... with angles!)

CFB YTD:  40-36-2  (+6.4 Units)

Dec 18th (Humanitarian Bowl, Boise, ID)

Fresno St (+3)... i like the color of their uniforms... and i also like dogs!

Dec 31st  (Liberty Bowl, Memphis, TN)

Georgia (-7)... more dawgs!!!

Dec 31st (Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Atlanta, GA)

So Carolina (-3)... what's a gamecock?

Posted Sunday, December 05, 2010 11:02 PM

Cam Newton's eligibility for the BCS championship...

let me start by saying, i know 90% of you will say this is stupid, and it has already been put behind us...

i am here to address the 10% of you with enough of an open mind to consider the possibility that he will be ruled out of the BCS title game... or at least, anybody who can tell us definitively that the matter is settled, and that it cannot still be dug up before then...

i bring it up because i still think it is a significant possibility... first off, everyone knows that the NCAA and the SEC contradicted their own rules in allowing Cam to play in the SEC title game... the rules state that it doesn't matter if Cam knew what his dad was doing... if any family member is involved in that sort of activity, the player is held accountable... it simply does not matter what Cam knew... according to NCAA rules!

second, it is one thing to allow him to play in the SEC title game with this dark cloud hanging over him, knowing that we are likely to have an eventual Reggie Bush scenario, where the team has to forfeit games / titles, and the player has to forfeit individual awards... it is entirely something different if he is allowed to play in (and possibly win) a BCS championship under those circumstances...

finally... look at the line Vegas posted on this game... Hilton puts it out at Oregon (-1)... MGM opens at Ore (-2.5)... we all saw what Auburn did to So Carolina today... you think Vegas doesn't know that all the money will come in on Auburn at th... [More]


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