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Posted Friday, June 05, 2009 10:30 AM

Still criticism of MALKIN??

At the start of the series, there was so much talk how Malkin will not show up for the Stanley Cup Finals. That the stage was too big for him. The Wings were too good. Nobody wanted to believe, or admitt, he was hurting pretty bad last year after he took the hit against the Flyers. He wasn't the same player in the playoffs after that. This year he is healthy and quite frankly Detroit does not have an answer for him. Malkin has now recorded 2 G 5 A in 4 games. Strange how the knocks on him have been silenced. The Wings legs looked very weak last night and could be showing their age. Anything can happen from here out in the best of three, but one thing for certain, Malkin and Crosby have just cemented their legacy into the books this playoff run.
Malkin 14 Goals 35 Points
Crosby 15 Goals 31 Points
29 Goals..The most by any two players in modern day Playoffs.

Posted Wednesday, December 03, 2008 10:03 AM


People on here think they are God's gift to handicapping. They are never wrong and don't dare disagree with their pick....These are the type of trolls I would love to see on the streets. They probably also own a camaro/firebird to compensate for their penis size. These people have so much depression in life, they have to find an outlet to place blame on. I really feel bad for these people. There is more to life than "hating" on people....etc. referees, coaches, players. Get a grip people. Now me personally I have a very nice retirement plan, a jumbo 401k and more Roth Ira's/stocks to probably retire right now. My portfolio is stacked and I am 37. Investing is the key and those people who are so angry in life when they lose a bet show me alot. They probably live paycheck to paycheck, hoping so bad they hit the weekend games, just to get by. I feel bad for you. I really do. 


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