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Posted Monday, March 28, 2011 10:16 AM

Why VCU’s Final Four run is bad for college basketball

The Virginia Commonwealth Rams have made Jim Boehiem a very happy man.

The head coach of Syracuse was the most vocal supporter of expanding the tournament to 96 teams. And after VCU’s Jamie Skeen.improbable run to the Final Four, Boehiem’s dream may come true and it’ll be a nightmare for college basketball fans.

That’s why VCU is on my shit list today.

I know what you guys are thinking: What an asshole. This guy probably rooted against Hickory High, Rudy and the Jamaican bobsled team, too.

Hear me out though. The Rams are playing better than any other team in the tournament and I’m not trying to rain their parade. I'm not railing against mid major programs either. I'd be just as upset if USC or Clemson was making this crazy run instead.

The success of VCU is the all the firepower Boehiem and other expansion advocates need to destroy the perfect bracket sheet and water down the best tournament in sports.

What do you guys think? Am I way off here?  Does anyone else want to see a 96-team tournament in light of VCU’s Final Four run?

Posted Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:42 PM

Is Chris Webber the biggest waste of talent ever?

Just watching all those old Chris Webber highlights from his Michigan days. Here’s a guy who’s 6-10, can jump out of the gym and passes and dribbles better than most wing players.

That’s why, despite all his success in the NBA, I gotta consider his pro career a disappointment.

I don’t think I’ve seen a complete and polished player at the college level in the last 20 years. I never saw Len Bias play, but Chris Webber had all the skills and athleticism that give college coaches like John Calipari 24-hour erections.

Some people are going to put guys that never panned out in the Association ahead of Webber on this but I think that’s a mistake.

Think of it this way: C-Webb was so talented that GM’s never gave up on this guy despite the marijuana charges, despite the shoulder injuries and despite his sour attitude (Golden State and Washington).

Sure he became an All-Star and even an All-NBA third teamer, but that’s small potatoes for Webber. I’m just think that for the first 10 years of his pro career, 90 percent of the time Webber took the floor that he was the most talented player on the hardwood.

Look, we know Chris is a prideful guy. Remember when he verbally choke slammed David Kahn when the T-Wolves GM compared him to Darko Milicic? Skip to the two-minute mark.

I just can’t help but look back at Webber’s career and think “what if”?

What do you guys think? Am I way off base here?

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