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Posted Thursday, June 23, 2011 01:01 PM

Is Corey Perry the worst Hart Trophy winner ever?

Did you hear the news? Corey Perry won the Hart Trophy – also known as the NHL’s most valuable player award – last night in Vegas.

Never heard of Perry before? You’re not alone. The Anaheim Duck winger had a great season, finishing with the league lead in goals and 98 points.

Does he deserve recognition for his brilliant play? Absolutely. A nice handshake and a pat on the back ought to do the trick. The Hart Trophy though? Come on, that's absurd.

You wanna know why? Because there’s about 10 other players I’d take on my team before him. I’m serious. If we’re just listing off best players in the league, how many names do we call out before we even think about Corey Perry?

Eight, maybe, nine guys?

I understand there’s a difference between the most valuable player and the most outstanding player. But doesn't it rub anyone else the wrong way that Corey Perry has as many Hart Trophies as Sidney Crosby? Like, isn’t that just effed up?  

Think of it this way. Let's say tomorrow, the NHL decides to throw a party for all the Hart Trophy winners. Wayne Gretzky is shooting the shit with Bobby Orr next to a grand piano, Mario Lemieux is at the bar trying to convince former teammate Jaromir Jagr to rejoin the Penguins, Mark Messier is at the coat check explaining to Eric Lindros how to skate with your head up and Gordie Howe is on the patio having a smoke and telling Peter Forsberg about the his first career hat trick.

And then, Corey ... [More]

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