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Posted Wednesday, August 26, 2009 08:52 PM

Teams I’ll be fading early this NFL season

He makes it so easy for me. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike a person I don’t even know this much. But Brett Favre brings out the worst in some people.   I’m one of them.   So you can image my delight when I read the latest reports that his new teammates hate his guts too. Maybe Brett can make this all go away with a few gift baskets full of Wranger Jeans and Prilosec.   All this news makes my strategy of fading the Minnesota Vikings early on, seem even more logical. The Purple People Eaters aren’t the only team I’ll be playing against early on.   Here are two others:   Denver Broncos   Josh McDaniels is the wrong coach for this team. Offense is his specialty, but that’s not the area the Broncos need help with.   The club’s defense was embarrassingly bad last season. If you watched any Bronco games, you routinely witnessed opposing offenses running the same play consecutively with great success.   Hollywood studios would pay good money for that type of footage in Disney football movies. It’d be the defense Denzel Washington’s Titans ran over on way to a magical ending.   Mike Nolan won’t fix the problem either. The roster isn’t suited for his planned switch to the 3-4 formation.   And we can’t assume the offense is going to be as productive as it was a year ago. Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback, the best receiver is playing with the scrubs, upcoming tight end Tony Scheffler will be waste... [More]

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