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Posted Tuesday, August 02, 2011 12:44 PM

What’s a fair tip to give a blackjack dealer?

Movie star Vince Vaughn seems like a likeable guy. He’s funny, kind of chunky and likes sports. He’s even going to be in a movie about sports betting (Lay The Favorite).

So it’s easy for an average Joe like me to get duped into seeing a movie like Couples Retreat. Fail.

Well, I’ve got some ammunition next time the Mrs. Grewal wants to take me to some Vaughn-led, rom-com disaster.

The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports that Vaughn won $30,000 at the Mandalay Bay on blackjack this past weekend, and tipped the dealer…wait for it.... $25.

Yikes. For those of you breaking out the calculator app on your phones, I’ll save you the trouble. That’s 0.08 percent of his $30,000 winnings.   

Is that insulating or do we need to know more facts? Like did Vaughn just put down $10,000 and tripled it in two hands? Does that warrant a big tip for the dealer… two hands?

I’m not a big tipper. I’m a cheap guy, but I don’t want people to spit in my food or piss in my drinks so I succumb to the social norm and tip 15 percent whether my service was good or bad. I shouldn’t say that, sometimes I’ll tip 20 percent but that’s only if someone gets me a couple refills without me asking.

But 15 percent of $30,000… that’s $4,500. It might be hard for me to part with that many chips but then again, my net worth isn’t $35,000,000 like Vaughn’s is, according to Ben Maller.

Not knowing all the circumstances, I think I’d tip the dea... [More]

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