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What exactly does Richard Hamilton want?

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Posted Sunday, February 27, 2011 10:08 AM   6 comments
How do you solve a problem like Richard Hamilton? The grumpy veteran continues to mope on the bench in Detroit all because of his own actions and decisions.

He, according to reports, belittled his coach, John Kuester, twice in front of the rest of the Pistons team. That's why he's Richard Hamilton is acting like a bitch.buried on the pine.

So, Detroit management, hoping to rid themselves of the distraction, put together a trade that would have sent Rip to Cleveland. The Cavaliers would have immediately bought out the former All-Star's contract, giving Hamilton the chance to sign with a contender for the rest of the season.

But Hamilton didn't like the conditions of the buyout - thought he wasn't going to see enough cash. So, instead of playing a contributing role for a championship caliber team (Chicago probably), Hamilton is left whining and trying to sabotage Kuester with mutinous ploys.

I don't get it. I mean, who does Rip have to blame other than himself? He had his chance to skip town and he blew it and now he's organizing no-shows at practice because he's pissed with how things turned out?

Someone's going to have to explain the logic to me.

The Pistons fell to the Sixers with a limited bench on Friday but bounced back with a win against the Jazz as 5-point home dogs. I think the best way to play this team is to back the over. Detroit's players aren't interested in playing defense which is why its opponents have reach the century mark in seven of its last eight games.

What are your thoughts about Hamilton's behavior?

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farwood says:
2/27/2011 11:29:19 AM
Life long Piston fan, hate to see Rip go out like this, but all I can think of is he knows he is done, and knew if he took the buy out, he would not have been able to play his way into another contract worth anything close to his current one. He probably figures this current contract is his last pay day in the league and he has to maximize the value of the contract, even if that means being a chump. It's obviously about the money for Rip and nothing else, winning championships only matters as long as it fits into his personal financial goals.
doliver517 says:
2/27/2011 2:04:19 PM
Lets go back to the start of it all....Joe Dumars. Who goes and signs Ben Gordan, Tracy McGrady, re-signs Wil Bynum and has Rodney Stuckey??? In my mind, they all play the same position. Rip should've been gone 2 yrs ago and he should've had time to play for another contract. Now, at the last hour, he is expected to lose a severe amount of money with a buy-out from Cleveland and he doesn't want to take it. If anyone blames him they're ignorant. He has his championship and will play for another one some day. It's not like he's old and going to retire. The guy has a motor that will run forever. Some contending team will definatly want him in the future and he will be fine. In the meantime, Detroit is stuck with 5 guys who play the same position and are stuck paying incredible amounts of money to do so. BLAME DUMARS...........

and I totally agree that the overs will be ridiculous in the future. Wil Bynum is a spark plug and he will get a ton of minutes. He can't play D and loves to push the tempo. They should be somewhat fun to watch

Josh_Nagel says:
2/27/2011 2:09:27 PM

I totally agree, and it's sad to see from someone like Richard Hamilton, who once had a reputation as one of the league's good guys. The whole thing makes no sense. He says he wants out, but for some reason being offered $18 million of the remaining $22 million on his contract in order to leave isn't good enough.

Chris Webber got a similar deal a few years back, getting something like a $25 million buyout from the 76ers, being released and then signing, ironically, with the Pistons. But you're right ... Hamilton just seems content to destroy the Pistons for as long as he's there. Makes no sense.

doliver517 says:
2/27/2011 2:09:33 PM
wouldn't you be pissed if your boss prevented you from furthering your career and financial future....Rip hasn't been in the plan for a yr and a half and they expect him to take a pay cut to get himself out of his unhappiness. He should be with another team already and I don't blame him for stickin it to the Pistons...seems to me they stuck it to him
doliver517 says:
2/27/2011 2:16:13 PM

you wouldn't just sit on the bench for 28 gms and collect that 4 million when you know this is your last big contract???? He still has 4-5 yrs in the league but probably will recieve somewhere around 6-7 mill a yr. Expecially with the new cba being worked out. He will play for a contender....he knows this. The one who should be blamed is Dumars

Ashton_Grewal says:
2/27/2011 5:44:56 PM
Good comments here. I understand the point doliver517 is making about Dumars' odd decision to load up the backcourt year after year. I think the relationship between Rip and the franchise was spoiled the minute Hamilton lost his starting job to a washed up Allen Iverson a couple seasons ago. Dumars' continued to sign players who play the same position as Rip but never moved the vet out of town. Rip has every reason to be mad at Dumars, but he can't blame him for the current situation. Hamilton should have taken the $18 million from the buyout and signed with Chicago.
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