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Is Chris Webber the biggest waste of talent ever?

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Posted Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:42 PM   16 comments
Just watching all those old Chris Webber highlights from his Michigan days. Here’s a guy who’s 6-10, can jump out of the gym and passes and dribbles better than most wing players.

That’s why, despite all his success in the NBA, I gotta consider his pro career a disappointment.

I don’t think I’ve seen a complete and polished player at the college level in the last 20 years. I never saw Len Bias play, but Chris Webber had all the skills and athleticism that give college coaches like John Calipari 24-hour erections.

Some people are going to put guys that never panned out in the Association ahead of Webber on this but I think that’s a mistake.

Think of it this way: C-Webb was so talented that GM’s never gave up on this guy despite the marijuana charges, despite the shoulder injuries and despite his sour attitude (Golden State and Washington).

Sure he became an All-Star and even an All-NBA third teamer, but that’s small potatoes for Webber. I’m just think that for the first 10 years of his pro career, 90 percent of the time Webber took the floor that he was the most talented player on the hardwood.

Look, we know Chris is a prideful guy. Remember when he verbally choke slammed David Kahn when the T-Wolves GM compared him to Darko Milicic? Skip to the two-minute mark.

I just can’t help but look back at Webber’s career and think “what if”?

What do you guys think? Am I way off base here?

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joshfactor says:
3/14/2011 12:54:34 AM

not clear on the point. lots of nba talent never gets the ring. AI, Mailman, Ewing. I believe he was on a kings team that could have won the championship had the refs not fixed it for the lakers. "what if" the refs hadn't fixed it would you be asking this question about CWebb?

frank the tank says:
3/14/2011 1:05:31 AM
He had a good NBA career and was robbed by crooked refs that one year. I wouldn't say his career was a disappointment.
WickedD says:
3/14/2011 1:10:46 AM

I was thinking the same thing with this topic.

He and the Kings were robbed. There's not much you can do, the man still had a great career.

Waste? nah. Well respected PF to play the game.
tha619kid says:
3/14/2011 2:09:10 AM
I think what on a you can say is that for all that amazing talent his impact on the game on a consistant basis was not there...Good player had every opportunity to be great
vhill09 says:
3/14/2011 2:11:03 AM
C webb had a great career and would have been an nba champ if it was not for the shaq and kobe era and a crooked ref... he dominated at a time when the power forward position had some greats like Karl Malone, KG, Tim Duncan ... and how many people averaged 20 points 10 rebs and 4 assist over a 15 year career in the nba... hes a hall of famer... so how did he waste his talent.... what did you want from him... 30 15 and 10 ... Obviously, Ashton, the silly mistakes he made as a teenager and young adult get under you skin, but lets leave it at that... he was a knuckle head in his youth but he grew into once of the best power forwards to play in the nba
hawks4 says:
3/14/2011 2:53:12 AM
hell no
dendogg55 says:
3/14/2011 2:58:40 AM
His number is in the rafters In Sac town.
xxMARTINIxx says:
3/14/2011 3:23:14 AM
He's on the top 5 list, that T.O call when in college is a classic
gofish3 says:
3/14/2011 3:28:11 AM
C Web was a baller. Plenty of studs that didn't win a ring. Of course the GM's didn't drop him cause of a little green spinach man, a third of the association is puffing grass.
Josh_Nagel says:
3/14/2011 4:57:07 AM

You're right that Webber's shortcomings weren't due to any sort of lack of manifesting his natural talent. He's not a bust of the JaMarcus Russell mode by any means. The guy was a five-time All-Star who had career averages of 20 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, one of only six players in league history to post such numbers.

Still, his success level leaves something to be desired, and I think that has something to do with lack of accountability and maturity. In his prime with the Kings, he always deferred to Mike Bibby and Peja to take the big shots, and never seemed comfortable in any sort of leadership role. It was also telling that he refused to participate in the Fab Five movie, thus avoiding any sort of ownership of the infamous timeout play in the national title game or the investigation that marred the team's legacy. I might start a post on this topic later.

jackdfan says:
3/14/2011 5:19:39 AM
Don Nelson and the Warriors traded the farm to acquire this guy, and Webber decided to be a dick (not a first in his career), and pouted his way out of town. What a waste.

Refused to participate in the Fab Five movie? Maybe they should call it the Fab Four. One thing that never gets pointed out-if the Fab Five were so great, what does that tell you about Michigan recruiting before they got there?

Ashton_Grewal says:
3/14/2011 9:16:31 AM
I think Josh hit it on the head here guys. Webber shied away from the big moment ever since that timeout. He just didn't want to have the responsibility of being great and the expectations that come with it.

I understand some guys in here are pointing out that he had a pretty good NBA career, but you have to understand - Webber could have been one of the 10 best players to ever play. He was that good.

I don't have a hate-on for the guy either. I always rooted for him. I wanted him to be great but he turned out to be just good.

Vesco says:
3/14/2011 11:58:04 AM
Actually Webber may get into the HAll OF FAME and I don't blame him for not participating in the FAB5 ESPN movie, the guy got a felony conviction for lying to the FEDS
UsaSurfer says:
3/14/2011 3:24:23 PM
Webber had a very good career in the NBA. His downfall was due to injuries, and the fact that he was one of the all time biggest choke artists. Someone here wrote that he was "shy" in the clutch because of his college experience. I disagree with that only because I can remember specific Kings-Lakers playoff games in which Webber got the ball in the clutch and always choked. I think I remember airballed foul shots even. Some people can't handle those situations and he was one of them.

Most wasted talent ever - Rasheed Wallace

solidbet says:
3/16/2011 9:03:20 AM
its not chris webber .. its either t-mac or penny hardaway
mrbigstuff2466 says:
3/20/2011 12:47:05 AM
most wasted NBA talent ever is VINCENT LAMAR CARTER. His first few years were off the charts and somewhere he decided that its not worth the effort anymore and has been an enigma ever since.
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