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Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona, AUSSIE'S Pick

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Posted Friday, October 10, 2008 10:00 PM   86 comments
18W-11L Record ...
 I really believe if you're a hard-core Dallas fan you should be concerned at the way they've performed so far. I know some of you are thinking, what kind of an idiot is this guy, critisising a team which has gone 4-1 in the first 5 games  but yeah that's the kind of "idiot" I am, drawing my conclusion after witnessing perhaps one of the most unconvincing 4-1 ratios I've ever seen! Also, keep in mind all you Cowboys supporters, that this is the league's hardest division, and if Dallas is to finish on top of the NFC East, they have to desperately raise the bar here.   The Cardinals' offense, lead by the ever exciting Kurt Warner, has really caught everyone's attention raking in some decent numbers that are definetly worth a look!  While we're talking about levels of expectation, the 'Zona Boys sit at the opposite side of the spectrum to that of Dallas.  Therefore they have been swinging freely, as no one expected them to be the major contenders in the West!  I guess we can all identify with the fact that it is much, much easier to perform when you're not under pressure. This has been the case with the Cardinals so far.
Let me also add that I was quite astounded to see Dallas last week, give up 16 unanswered pts to Cincy before getting their butt into gear in the late stages of the game. I don't think they'll be able to afford such slackness against the Cardinals. 
Lastly, I am fully aware and conscious that there still is a vast difference between these two teams, but not enough for the Cardinals to not cover the spreads here. The books are aware of what the Cardinals are capable of and they've only "offered" 5.5 pts to them. At home, I shall take the points, no worries, as I don't see Dallas winning more than by a FG (if they win that is!)
Pick: CARDINALS +5.5 for a 4Unit play 
 Best wishes and Good luck to all
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muzza says:
10/10/08 10:04PM

Best of luck Aussie.. On the other side.. I think Dallas turns up for this one..

LuvParlays says:
10/10/08 10:07PM
Glad to see you on the Cardinals Aussie! Makes me feel a bit better playing them against my Dallas team. BOL this week bud!
BurningPlanet26 says:
10/10/08 10:07PM
Not sure why everyone is hating on Dallas all of the sudden. In my eyes they have only had one bad game, that being last week against CIN. They still won. Other than that they dominated CLE and GB (very impressive in my eyes) and even if their D struggled against PHI their O looked unstoppable. Washington is obviously a very good team this year and losing to them, while suprising, is nothing to be ashamed of.


If this is the most fake looking 4-1 record this week take a trip to Buffalo... I usually like your picks but am on the other side this week.

joelags says:
10/10/08 10:13PM
What i see from this game is two high potent offenses that can go either way. I think it will come down to who has the least turnovers.   Staying away from it for now.
YoungOne says:
10/10/08 10:24PM

this seems to be the game of the week as far as the forum is concerned.  Im all over the over of 50.5

what do you think of that?
YoungOne says:
10/10/08 10:45PM
  i thought this would fit your example from last nights thread about the suns/warriors over of 234

50 is unheard of for an NFL game

good luck brotha, a 28-24 game would serve us both well
vegaslover says:
10/10/08 11:29PM
Can you please clarify what you mean by this?  Are you hesitant to hit the over or under because of this? Thanks.
rod_steel says:
10/11/08 12:07AM
Nice and early cobber
Ace77 says:
10/11/08 12:28AM
Good luck
bmundy2008 says:
10/11/08 02:13AM
dallas all the way on this one. theyre going to prove all the off-field distractions arent effecting them. statement game. enough said.
champ222 says:
10/11/08 02:28AM
cards get da upset
crookedIcon says:
10/11/08 03:03AM

i was thinking the same thing, but then it went from 5 to 4.5 at one of my books and its still there... but its stayed at 6.5 at betfair, at 1.82 though, so i took that
xxphamxx says:
10/11/08 03:08AM

DALLAS WIN!!   35-20

spliffs says:
10/11/08 05:14AM
Safer bet is the over aussie!
Aniki says:
10/11/08 05:29AM
Being a lifetime cowboys fan I think you're on point. I am really concerned of our play as of late. Our defense is no up to par. our offense should be number one but Romo gives me a heart attack everygame but I think this seems to be a popular pick. However I do not bet against my team, and I hope you're right best of luck bro, i would take the over if i were to play the game.
weeble5672 says:
10/11/08 11:10AM
Oh shit, Aussie. We're on the same pick again.
Chickmag68 says:
10/11/08 01:14PM
Dallas's secondary is very vulnerable. Warner is hot! I've been a Dallas fan since the days of Staubach and Dorsett....Stay away from Dallas in this one, trust me.
HMoney says:
10/11/08 03:26PM
GL Aussie I'm on the OVER got in at 49.5 I'll be cheering for scoring.
dolce81 says:
10/11/08 06:53PM
dallas wins by 10 or more in this one....romo will have way to much time to choose who he wants to throw to....cowboys also thinkin about a small moneyline bet on the 3-1 odds i think its a good spot for a big upset...
lettuceboy says:
10/11/08 08:01PM your college rationale and picks...

...will pass on Arizona +5 but like the look of the under...

..(Yes, I know I said that regarding MLB last night)

My loss, your gain...

Cheers and Best of Luck with all your plays..

grindstone says:
10/11/08 08:04PM

I love it Aussie glad we are on the same side my friend


GL Mate


Kidcole35 says:
10/11/08 08:11PM
Love them tomorrow also on the Raiders getting points from the Saints.
rollmaestro says:
10/11/08 09:05PM
Hate to say it but I believe Dallas rolls in this one, Romo to play turnover-free football and Dallas in Zona's backfield all day long, could be a laugher, why anyone trusts AZ this early on in the season is beyond me, they are like the sexy pick this week or something I guess...
wasabitobiko says:
10/11/08 10:07PM
A little known fact here Aussie.. There will be as many, if not more,  Cowboys jerseys in the stands as Cardinals.   Outside of Texas and Mexico, Phoenix has the highest concentration of Dallas fans.. And Phoenix has plenty of Mexican American who love their Cowboys..  It's definately "Home away from Home" for Dallas..

That said.. the way the Cowboys D is hemorrhaging, it wouldn't surprise me if the Cards covered.. I'll be very surprised if this game doesn't hit 60.. which means the final will be 24-20
Gennaro53 says:
10/11/08 10:21PM
Hey aussie im in the same boat.. I die hard dallas fan and i have to admit our season is what i thought it was.. Partly due to the fact of romos inconsistant... Either way im on the cards tom.
htrain34 says:
10/11/08 10:22PM
There is a big following of Dallas fans in Arizona due to illegal immigrants. I am with you Aussie and anytime I see value in betting against the most overrated team in football I take it.
rollmaestro says:
10/11/08 10:55PM
So, nobody trusts a team that is 4-1, an offense that boasts Romo, Owens, the best TE in football Witten, Barber III, and not to mention the explosive Felix Jones returning kicks now, huh?  Boldin is OUT, let's not forget, Dallas is at least a touchdown better than AZ by any measure conceivable, this number would be 7.5 if not for the teary-eyed, "god-punctuated" presser by T.O. or the Pacman Jones/bodyguard fracas nonsense... this is not a team that is "distracted" or whatever, you folks taking the cards +5/5.5 are straight up crazy imo, Dallas has to win to keep up w/ Washington and the GMen in their own division where they are currently THIRD!?!?


Don't say I didn't warn you...

wasabitobiko says:
10/11/08 11:19PM

While I'm not arguing that there's a huge population of illegal immigrants in AZ... To say that that comprises the majority of Cowboys fans is misleading.. Don't forget that AZ didn't have a franchise until 1988.  Prior to that the Az NFL TV market generally drew the top NFL games when regionalism wasn't a factor in the NFL TV contract. So we always got Cowboy's games, Steelers games and the Rams and Raiders thus a huge Cowboys fan base developed there and still resides..  

Regardless of whether or not there illegal immigrants or nationals or whatever, their still Cowboys fans.

apoz1289 says:
10/11/08 11:43PM
I agree with what you mean about the 4-1 Dallas not playing to the level that theyre hyped about but I do think it will go 5-1 after sunday and cover...BOL though
rollmaestro says:
10/12/08 12:06AM
Fair enough Aussie, I do not disclose my picks each week but I am on a 9-2 run the past two weeks and actually picked against Dallas with Cinci most recently.  I know the Cowboys are a "public" team and while i like what AZ has brought to the table so far this season, I just cannot ignore 13 Pro-Bowlers and perhaps the best O-Line in the NFL protecting Tony Homo... like I said though, I dig what you are about and wish you luck regardless

joopi408 says:
10/12/08 12:18AM
I totally agree with Aussie, Also playing over in this game!
Jeffro356 says:
10/12/08 12:42AM
Nice pick, I think its a good spot for Arizona as well,  GL today!!
10/12/08 01:44AM
Like AZ play & Over as i think it will be a shoot out.. If AZ wins then they need to score lots of points. If Dallas is down then you know they will air it out.. Kurt is the man in AZ & can throw. Last week against Buff. we seen what AZ can do..


Go AZ...

GetThat50k says:
10/12/08 02:34AM
you are one smart bloke my friend.  love reading your posts and will tag along. 
ratherBgambling says:
10/12/08 02:34AM
phancard says:
10/12/08 02:36AM

 love that picks aussie 


Arizona ML

ERIK7918 says:
10/12/08 02:38AM
cashin says:
10/12/08 02:51AM
Solid play & lots of good reasons to take AZ here, but my gut says Dal covers. They seem to come up big on the road in tough games after lackluster performances & should be able to get good pressure on Warner. See the 'Pokes by 7-10 but GL
dutmost says:
10/12/08 03:08AM
Dallas will cover easy if they can pressure Warner with 4 lineman.. Buffalo had trouble doing it and paid the price.. with that said I like Dallas to show up for this one.. This is an obvious step up for AZ this season..Boys' by a TD
games1 says:
10/12/08 03:13AM
u goimg with the "SCHWAAM"........GL
Sutty says:
10/12/08 03:31AM
In terms of general Defensive statistics:

              vs rush      vs pass       tot yrds     sacks     avg pts 

Dallas     10th/95      17th/210   

Sutty says:
10/12/08 03:38AM

In terms of general Defensive statistics:

              vs rush      vs pass       tot yrds     sacks     avg pts 

Dallas     10th/95      17th/210    14th/305      14            22


Zona       12th/97      14th/204    12th/302      15            24


 I'd suggest Aussie is correct in taking the points. If you have to "find a winner" playing a total, I would look at another game, or lean under.

special__k says:
10/12/08 03:55AM
On the same... BOL to you.
ballschin says:
10/12/08 04:24AM
Im a die hard Cowboys fan, and want to first off say, if your a Cowboys fan and you posted a conformation of the Cowboys losing to the Arizona Cardinals im officially pulling you card! (Aussieguy- I normally  agree a lot with your posts Thank You)
I do agree with the fact that Dallas has not looked like a 4-1 team on the field, but they get the job done!
Dallas is a public favorite but ask yourself this, are you willing to bet on a team that gave up 56 points to the Jets two weeks ago. Arizona is throwin up smoke screens by everyone thinking woah they beat undefeated Buffalo, but reality is that Buffalo is average they may or may not make the playoffs, but if Arizona thinks there gonna breeze by Dallas like they breezed by Buffalo its gonna be a long game. Im 4-1 ATS  on Dallas this year I picked game one wrong vs CLE, and im tellin you Dallas will cover this week!
I have it DAL -4.5 and im not an over/under guy but I have a sneaky suspicion it will go UNDER
opadkins says:
10/12/08 05:22AM
MrBator says:
10/12/08 06:48AM
Maybe Arizona backers can get lucky again this week and have the other team's quarterback carried off the field on the third play of the game.  Or maybe it's time for those people to give back the money they stole last Sunday.
captailor says:
10/12/08 07:00AM
Whatever.  QB had nothing to do with AZ scoring 41 pts, you act like Losman played bad last week.  Bills just go their ass handed to 'em, no excuses.
haager3 says:
10/12/08 07:03AM
horrible post mrbator, cards were dominating that game no matter who was in at qb for buffalo
MrBator says:
10/12/08 07:11AM


Riiight, nothing at all.  The backup quarterbnack only fumbled the handoff on his second play, losing the football in his own territory, thus giving the Cardinals a short field which they used to score the game's first touchdown.  Sure, he didn't hurt them, at all!  What was I thinking??  Thanks for setting me straight.  My bad.




MrBator says:
10/12/08 07:13AM


Sure, like Cards backers wouldn't be lined up around the block today with their own excuse if the Cowboys knocked Kurt Warner out cold on the first series of the game.  Yeah right, no excuses.  Give me a break.

MrBator says:
10/12/08 07:14AM


I take it you had the Cardinals last week, yes? 

MrBator says:
10/12/08 07:16AM
You know what I won't make excuses for?  My poor San Francisco pick last Sunday against the Patriots.  BAD PICK!!  But the Buffalo/Arizona game?  All bets were off when Edwards went down and Losman came in.  Anyone patting themselves on the back for that Arizona cover is seriously kidding themselves.
captailor says:
10/12/08 07:36AM

I wasn't on the cards so my opinion is unbiased no matter what my location says. I don't follow my home teams at all, and we were talking about last weeks game not this weeks.

What was it, 41-17.  Ok since that Losman fumble was the reason the Cards covered, lets take, say....3 touchdowns away from the cardinals.  Fair enough?  Ok, score is 20-17 and the Cards cover.   Losman played good, not like he was 14 for 33 with 1 td and 2 picks. Bills got exposed last weekend just like an undefeated Northwestern did yesterday.
JEG53 says:
10/12/08 07:50AM
I love these names you make up so no one knows you,what was the name you had last week?

Better to be a moron than a COWARD,use your real name to bash people,or go crawl back to your moms basement.

10/12/08 08:09AM
Yeah, I got Cards strait up here. Their D is healthy and they get it done at home. Cowboys? more like Cowgirls lately. Skip the points and pick the SU dog upset. Good Luck Aussie.
nutz2bet2 says:
10/12/08 08:56AM

Yeah - We might've had a game IF JP lost man didn't have to come in. But you have to admit - the dude's got an arm! 60 + yards in the air to Evans!! Too bad he fumbled twice & had 1 interception that lead to easy pts for the Cards though.

If Dallas' defense plays soft like we did last week - I can see a shootout here. Homo usually throws a couple of picks per game which will lead to pts so I'll just play the OVER & root for any team against them Cowbums!!



dcowboys says:
10/12/08 10:16AM
too much stock being put in cards! they build you up to rip your bankroll from you!
JGB3 says:
10/12/08 10:35AM


I think exposed is a bit much champ. Two straight weeks to the west cost and a quarterback swap after the first series seems to me IMO as a victim of circumstance. Go back and check the stats on two straight trips to the opposite coast. Not to nice . I guess you will be pounding SD next week over the exposed Bills. Good Luck with that !

Tonga says:
10/12/08 10:46AM
mike214 says:
10/12/08 10:47AM
 tough call
WendysRox says:
10/12/08 10:51AM
MoneyGrip says:
10/12/08 10:59AM
Dallas and over
oilfieldt says:
10/12/08 11:04AM
Cards +5

Saints -7

Carolina +2

drinkbeer187 says:
10/12/08 11:23AM
DaRaiders says:
10/12/08 11:27AM
GL Aussie

I'm looking for the total to go over in this one. Best chance of that happining is if the Cards come out on top.

AChigurh says:
10/12/08 12:29PM
Johnny5 says:
10/12/08 12:52PM
Newman is out today and someone else in the secondary as well right ?????
AChigurh says:
10/12/08 12:52PM
and a sprinkle at 2.00.  Wade Phillips is such a great motivator
kltrd007 says:
10/12/08 12:56PM
khoiquach says:
10/12/08 01:11PM
Everyone jump on the OVER, which I like at first, but it's up from 48 to 52.5 now.


I think I'll take the UNDER.

Will be 28-24 at most!



compita_luigi says:
10/12/08 03:49PM

aussieguy.. bet the over here.. dallas and zona?.. lots of points here. easy

save your money here..


muzza says:
10/12/08 04:20PM
Couldn't of asked for a better start Aussie - for Arizona that is.. Touchdown off the kickoff
Jon100 says:
10/12/08 04:21PM
dpb123007 says:
10/12/08 04:25PM


Nice write-up Aussie Guy and Best of Luck with the CARDINALS.

I have my biggest pplay of the year on them between Straight up +4.5 and also 2 parlay closers with the smae 4.5 (other games already won).

Either I lose $8,000 or make $10,500. Let's get er done Aussie!!!!

S_A_I_N_T_S says:
10/12/08 08:45PM
Good job mate! Keep it rollin.
htrain34 says:
10/12/08 08:52PM
Nice pick Aussie. I had the over and the Cards. What a great game!


Keep up the great write ups!

weeble5672 says:
10/12/08 08:54PM
Hey Aussie! How do you like that?! We had the same pick and it hit!!
808Handicapper says:
10/12/08 09:54PM
Aussie great play today!  I see you are making your way back into $$$ once again and doing it in great fashion BABY!  BOL to us all this upcoming week. 
muzza says:
10/12/08 10:53PM
Nice call Aussie.. Well done!!
rokodesh says:
10/13/08 12:25AM
aussie aussie aussie oii oii oiii, good pick
realintheville says:
10/13/08 08:00AM
nice call aussie
mvp12331233 says:
10/13/08 10:02AM
Good Call, that TD also gave me the OVER
WendysRox says:
10/13/08 10:29AM
once again, our picks collide.  congrats to us
yankees2k6 says:
10/13/08 11:09AM
Yea Cards, great call.  Cowboyz are pathetic.  Great call.
Garthvader says:
10/13/08 02:09PM
Great analysis and great call.  Cowboys are soft and that Cards D was fired up.


BTW  I'm a huge Cowboys fan and amvery concerned about this team under Wade Phillips.

MrMannix says:
10/13/08 05:21PM
Was all over it!
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