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Posted Sunday, October 02, 2011 03:22 PM

Just a concept durring the Lockout

So there's this disagreement on the revenue sharing and the net loss of the NBA between all the teams. I think the net loss is reported at 300 million for last year. There's this luxury tax that says the rich teams pay the poor teams one dollar per dollar that the rich teams go over the salary cap. That cap was 58 million per team last year, or so I read. There were ten teams that went over that cap limit in the 10/11 season and the total over the limit was 114 million dollars between all the teams.

My question is this. Is this tax considered a loss to the teams paying it? If it is, it shouldn't. This is a penalty and you're paying it because you're exceeding a fair budget for all the other teams to compete. The way I see it, you're paying to get ahead but financially, you shouldn't be able to reap the rewards of claiming this tax as a loss, especially since you get it all back at the end of the year as part of your share of the BRI.

So If this is now considered a loss to the teams paying it would be viewed as part of the loss to the net income in the league, however if it's a penalty that can't be claimed as a loss, then the net loss from last year would be less 114 million. The net loss would change to $176 million.

Okay so we still haven't profited yet, so my next question is: Is the money received by the teams under the cap who receive the penalty money considered to be profit? Or is it nulled by the fac... [More]

Posted Friday, June 24, 2011 12:07 PM

Diablo I pray to thee

Revive the prince of darkness and bring vengeance for those who reside at the Palace. All who enter in opposition will be smite upon by your fury and we will rise again in the blood of our enemies.

Posted Saturday, February 26, 2011 01:54 PM

If I coach'd the Raps

The way Triano runs that team is gay-asaurus rex! They don't have any franchise or great players (don't even think about Bargnani) but the way they run that team is balls. Here's what someone should do for one night, JUST ONE NIGHT!

Starting line up:

Barbosa - Point
This guy watched from the bench, Nash, for 7 seasons and when ever he runs the ball up the floor, his timing and choice is perfect. He's a half decent shooter, can drive with the best of them and plays smart.

Calderon - Shooting G
I've always hated the way Calderon runs the team but I like his influence and he can hit the long ball. Give him the out side passes and if he's not open, he's played the point long enough he'll come up with plan B fast.

Bargnani - Center, (but don't play Center)
He gets the jump ball and then moves to the small forward and swings out to 3-point land constantly. This'll bring the big guy out  who's defending him, away from the rebounds allowing the hard working forwards to get the O-boards. Bargnani is a fantastic shooter and quick for a big guy but he's a fucking pussy under the hoop... so, take him out from under the hoop! You can't put a little guy on him cause he'll shoot over them all night and if he's not gonna get the offensive board any way, why let the other team's big guy get the freebie?

A. Johnson - Forward
AJ is the boards man and he's super feisty under the basket. You get the ball down low to him, he's gonna beat up who ... [More]

Posted Friday, January 28, 2011 07:18 PM

Best Pick Parlay

    I'm 135-94 in Streak Survivor, 59%. If I were to Bet one unit per game, I would be up since my start here a year ago. The juice is about 10% so I'd be +27.5 units.  So if you're like me (around 60% on making only one pick a day), I tend to go little bit streaky. I seem to hit 3 wins in a row often. Had I made one unit bets until a win and parlayed the next two wins (3 wins in a row) I'd be at +44 units.

    I didn't always take the streak survivor serious. Sometimes I'd be coming off a loss and not see any good bets the next day, so I'd just make a guess in hopes of getting one freebie to start. So it's only in the last couple months I tried getting more serious about each bet, even coming off a loss. 30 - 19, with 6, 3 win series. So one unit on each, less the juice is +8 units but had I done the 3 game parlays, I'd be at +17 units.

I think when I get my bank roll going I may try this method. Maybe check your stats too. Could prove to be profitable.

Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2010 09:46 AM

No V-Ball?

    I'm no blogger. If you've ever checked out my profile, (which I'm sure you haven't and I'm sure you won't and aren't right now) I don't blog often. This is just my public complaint about court Volley Ball.

     When I was high school I was a top ranked jr. in hoops and a Canadian hopeful in tennis. But the sport I enjoyed the most was Volleyball. Cursed with a 5' 10" frame I couldn't really make it anywhere serious as a player unless I was freakishly gifted, which I admit I'm not. But the sport out of all the sports I've played that has resonated the most was Volleyball.

      I like the drama's in it. It's like that 3 pointer they shoot at the end of the quarter to get them within reach of winning the game. The ball moves quick, the players move quick until the shot. And then there's this moment of anticipation, the waiting. Is it going in? Is it coming up short? Is it going to bounce out? Then it sinks and the crowd on the edges of their seats explode. The difference in Volley ball is the play doesn't end at the explosion. When the set goes up and everyone waits eagerly for the hit, there's the reaction. This happens constantly pulling the viewer to the edge of the seat. Such a fantastic game. I wish someone would properly market this sport and make some rivalries out of it.

Posted Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:58 AM

Average Allstar joins the house

       You are reading a blog. Too bad I got nothing to say right now other than I'm here at covers bustin' my betting chops. Thought you had to pick every game and o/u when I first signed up so I'm doin' so hot right now... If I end up in the plus though it'll be better than it seems which is good I guess. Then again, If I end up in the negative that's probably good too. Might make me reconsider throwing a bunch of money at sporting events. Until then...


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