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Posted Tuesday, June 25, 2013 08:37 PM

Recent state lottery draw winner looking for a good advice to invest in sportsbetting

Me and my wife won $173,000 in a lottery couple months ago. After renovating the house, touring the Europe (my wife's has a family in France), upgrading health insurance and buying a new car for my son and his family - we're left with around $55,000. I am going to close some $25,000 in a bank and want to invest the rest in sports low risk ventures. Can you please recommend a person or persons who are considered the best tipsters here and I'm ready to pay gratuities for the services. Or should I buy one of those packages the experts on covers offer? Does anyone has an experience with them? I am not that young of a person and don't really understand in sports besides knowing that some colleagues of mine (ex colleagues I should say - I worked as a mechanic) were making some steady profits from gambling but since I won the lottery and quit the job - we're not on such good terms.
Any advice will be appreciated.


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