Posted Tuesday, March 24, 2009 06:22 PM

BetPhoenix Bonus/Payout Garbage

I cant believe the shit that books put you through to get your money. I have played with over 20 different books in the past 16 years and this one takes the cake. I made several deposits with Bet Phoenix and lost my money and bonuses until the one I made Saturday. I deposited 100 and ot a free play of 100. They told me as always that there is a 8 time rollover. No problem. I met and exceeded the rollover and requested a payout of half my balance and was leaving the rest to play with. Now they tell me that I heve to wait two weeks before making a withdrawl. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. I have never had to do anything other than meet a rollover with ANY other book and I have used them all. What difference does it make to them if I get my money tomorrow or let the account sit dormant for 8 more days and then get the same withdrawl. Just a word of advice, If you use BetPhoenix ask them about any and all hoops they will make you jump through to get your winnings that you won fair and square.

Posted Thursday, January 08, 2009 08:54 AM poor service

Guys I have used several books in the past and I got great service from Bet Jamaica and for years until recently. VIP has given me free plays and sent me watches and BBQ grill sets and stuff like that in the past but I just emailed them with a complaint a week ago and every day they promise to take care of me and dont. I had a little prick supervisor named Selvyn treat me like crap over the phone for no reason. I bet you a million he would never do that to MY face. I explained to the book that I make at least 10 deposits a month and that they call me a Platinum Customer but I got treated like Platinum Shit. I should have known they were slipping when the dropped from an A to a B on the These books need to take better care of the people who pay their checks. I am going back to Bet Jamaica and just opened an account at Jazz and at Skybook.


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