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Posted Sunday, January 13, 2013 11:05 PM

Lets all be Honest about DEFENSE

I have been hearing and then witnessing for more years than i care to admit that Defence wins championships. IT IS TRUE Brethren..... DEFENSE wins Championships. I ask you all to concede me this point, at least i implore the intelligent thinking man to concede this point.
Therefore and thusmore(sp. = i invented this one)  I have arrived at a foregone conclusions:   San frans  defense is better ....yes?

and we say balt  defense is better....yes?

sf/balty     or  pats /atl  it is 1 or the either imo gentlemen.    I dont see the other possibilities are going to happen. 
what say thee?   may the  always be with you.

Posted Friday, September 09, 2011 12:20 AM

nfl/ncaa 2011 Bookie Beater Blog

AAhhhhhh the sweetsmell of the pigskin, the grass and mud.The music of a humongus crowd,the syncaphony of human emotion. The nfl is amongst us dear football degenerates..The best time of the year,better than Christmas,channukkah and ranmadan combined! I salivate ,I drool,Imno fool but alas i like to Gamble,gambol.....let the games begin,kick the skin let the crowd in ,let the winning $$$ begin...Kick the bookies skull in this year.  started with the what they barely won after going up 14-0 and the last play of the game from their own 1 hahaha...its the thrill the rush of losing with 10 secs what a thrilling start to 2011.  I say follow the chalk this season. taste the chalk, lick it,sniff it, smear it, try it some come to love eating the chalk,becoming a chalkeater.yum yum let me bet some! eat that chalk like you eating a senorinas 22  yr old blu eyed porto rican booty...with gusto with joy with reckless abanbon!   oops we stary.   new england is the next delightful chalk it up special 25 star **********************special lockitup bet it to get it..unload it all...f#$% it if it loses,were done for 2011 is that strong folks.  patriots -7, -6.5 ,-6..whatever and all of them....get it all game yr to date.  big poo. good luck dawgs.

Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2011 03:24 AM

bigpoo is free

so is his picks,, thinking that as soon as the final gun in the X.X./balt game went off..the line for balt/pitt came out before they ws off the field...pitt -3.5  ???? thinking a normal red blooded shmendrick will impulse sizzle bet baltimore and to see 3.5 o my word they givin it awayyyy mabbbelll...i said well lets  see there will be millions yes millions bet on balty +3.5 within a hr it hit 4  so i watch, i wait. i wait. early am mon. +3.5 tues nite  +3.5  wed early am+3.5   what does this SCREAM out to you? i say you meaning a sophisticated  gambler.  at least if u on here u trying.  the reg barstool or line worker dont care ..come sun he play who he want...3.5.  4 5 he dont kno or care.....there is very little $$ wagered on a game mon tues wed by the normal kid.  so this line did not move a f%^&* inch. it tells me they vacumming balt $ by the bushel and im leaning towards pitt thinking they win by more then ....4 or more...any thoughts on this besides pitt sux or baltys a monster..the mooks are grabbin balty like its giveaway day......if u really like balty wait for 4...but methinks they are beggin for balty action..ok good to be free...wont catch me pissinonthe sidewalk...

Posted Tuesday, January 04, 2011 03:18 PM

BIGGEST FIX EVER!! in nfl history.

without a doubt,the game that  transmorphed itself from a old sandlot am/fm radio working mans lunchpail with a beer sort of a game into the computergenerated hi tech biggg$$$$ super exposed 1,000foot giant of a meglomanical company run by billionaires that enter your households and life in every aspect of your consuming$.from beers to soda to cars to you name it pal and there is a referee representing that conglomerate...that game is SUPERBOWL 3.......New york city JETS vs the degenerate gambling owned BALTIMORE COLTS,(who turnt up dead a couple yrs later due to gambling debt$)  this game saved the game of football as we know it and has never been the same since...joe willie namath was the tool used by the owners/media/lackeys to build what they have today. pete rozelle(SP).a evil genius...gee i wish i had more then a ged so i could be as smooth as the guy who started this thread... but u get the idea.  the jets was picked, groomed and crowned champions so that smooth merger of good blue collar values and the greedy temptatious ways of corp greed can meld into one and fulfill their basic #1 creed.   MAKE $$$ FOR THE STOCKHOLDERS.   this is the corporations only reason to exist to MAKE THE STOCKHOLDERS $$$.not to entertain you,not to let u win a bet,not to give u a gift, but to perform the corporations #1 duty to its stockholders...and what is that class? make the corp $$$$   who calls the games?  figure it guys who are qualified ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2009 05:08 AM

sex w/da bookie

i am going to be having sex w/my bookmaker this gonna f^&* him good and hard.......i like to this at the end of the yr,,,,,,1. NAVY a stone cold mortal lock sat,    but for sunday u must peruse on the money line 2. cincinatti...they will wax minny. 3.over in the same game48 1/2...4.greenbay ,this is not brett f going to by 4or u push with 3 buy the hook ......5.under same game.,..47 yrs of watching bears g,b in dec at soldier field. trust me chillren.....6.San diego getting 3?ok i'll bite ,an diego money line if u want...i took the 3......lets all have sex with the bookie.....go get em doggs


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