Posted Monday, February 15, 2010 07:29 PM


if you are not fully prepared to do battle in the desert with the scums,sharps and squares,as far as bankroll, clear mind free of all vegas has to offer as far as sex ,drugs ,and rock@roll ,then be ready to get hit in the nuts very fucking hard ,thats all the advice i have, i have lots of experience, and do to the irs fucking me outta of a refund i was expecting, i was hung out to dry litterally because i banked on a bank that never showed up , and boy did it hurt me mentally ,and phisically, but i am recovering and will be back!

Posted Monday, October 19, 2009 10:10 AM

money management train wreck

well my freinds this past weekend was a disaster, my top plays on saturday were 4-0, and my top sunday plays were 3-1,and i lost money ,go figure. first of all let me tell you i'm so freakin sick about it right now, i feel like jumping off 31st street bridge here in pittsburgh, however that would be incredibly selfish to the two people who love me most in life , my wife and, daughter.especially when they know that this {handicapping@poker} is all i know ,and is my livelyhood.alright i'll start off by explaining that i am a player who works week to week ,kind of like someone working a job paycheck to paycheck.this means that my bankroll isnt always big, so i am constantly creating ,and building bank up online ,then cashing out ,then i go play in vegas, or if in pittsburgh i'll shoot down w.v to beat up the donkeys on poker table,i have been succesful keeping my head above water doing this ,putting food on the table ,roof over my familys head,etc.however my travel ,and living exspenses can get high enough that,i mess too much with my capital, and back to square one i am.o.k my 2 biggest mistakes this weekend were i loved to 3pt underdogs on sat @ sun ,on saturday it was oklahoma ,what i did was i bet them on money line for 50% of my bankroll, we all no they covered ,but i did not cash because the short dog did not win the game, i came back with n.d and kentucky, but do to panicking i  some how managed to squander away more money by hooking those to up with some losers on p... [More]


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