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Posted Friday, September 02, 2016 05:11 PM

Week 1: Bookie Bankruptcy

I hope all you gents are doing well.  Watching the Braves suffer through another season has me undoubtably ready for some football. And so it begins...  #WHODAT #ROLLTIDE

South Carolina +6 - 2 units (posting for my self)

9/2/16: Friday Night Frenzy:

Army  +16  -120  =  2  Units

Georgia State  -4.5  =  1  Unit

Georgia State  -3  1st Half  =  1 Unit

Army  +8.5  1st Half  =  1 Unit

Stanford  -7  1st Half  =  2 Units  

Saturday 9/3/16 as of now:

Tide -12  =  4 Units

Parlay Saturday and Monday:  1 Unit =  15.52 Units

Clemson -7.5;  LSU -11.5;  Houston +12.5;  Crimson Tide -12;  OLE MISS +5 

Hopefully, I'll be able to dedicate a little more time to capping this year.  Best of luck to everyone and Roll Tide Roll!

Posted Saturday, November 09, 2013 04:48 PM

TaxMan's Official LSU vs Crimson Tide Thread

I've never really done one of these but I thought it'd be cool to do one tonight for the game. It's hard to follow all the other threads about the game and watch it at the same time. I'm sure they'll have some Live Bets going and I really just think it'll be cool to hear and talk $hit during the game! Ha

My Card for the game:

Tide -7 1st H (4 Units)

Tide -13 (2 Units)

My preview:

As we all know, LSU vs Crimson Tide has been one of the biggest rivalries in college football since Saban came to Bama. I think the Cameron hire by LSU was genius but I don't think that their offense is near as potent as the Tide's. Saban did his usual, talk up the other team pep-talk this morning but don't think he knows that he has one of the most potent offenses in the nation. LSU has had let downs on the road and that seems to be a coaching thing for Les. His teams never seem to be as prepared as they should be.

Emotions will run high at the beginning of the game and LSU may get a couple stops but AJ will jog off the field in his Tom Brady-esque way and get ready for the next outing. AJ will eventually expose LSU's young DB's and go on the throw for 250-310 yards. He will have a Heisman type game tonight.

Last year Mettenberger had  his best game of his career against Alabama. Alabama was stacking the box and making him pass and boy did he. Our DB's have grown since then and Belue, ... [More]

Posted Monday, August 12, 2013 04:02 PM

Let's Get Read to Rumble!! CFB 2013

After losing my ass one weekend on NCAABB, I had to go into hibernation. I was glad to see The Heat pull out another World Championship.

Quick Story: I started dating my current girlfriend on Aug. 28, 2011. Since then, The Tide and The Heat have won B2B titles. Now only if the Saints and Braves can step up!! (Not that any of you really care.) ha

Now down to business! Who's ready for some Football!?!?! (Hank Jr. voice)

I looked at my local book today and saw some potential Week 1 picks. I usually only play the Tide game or some other SEC matchups the 1st week. But there are a few I like and love.


B2B Defending Champs -18 vs VT ***** Play (I'm sure I'll play the first half of this game as well. Hoping for -10.)

USCe -10.5 vs UNC

TX Tech vs SMU +6

LSU -4.5 vs TCU

FSU -10 vs PITT

Possible: UGA -1.5 vs Clemson & Washington St. +15.5 vs AU

Do y'all think Ohio can keep up with Louisville? -21

Yes, I know this is really early but I looked at the lines today and those stood out to me. I hope everyone has another winning season!!



Posted Sunday, October 14, 2012 11:19 PM

10/01/12 + 10/14/12

10/01/12 - 10/07/12 MLB WEEK OF THE DOGS

I collected 267.00 at 10:00 am on 10/01/12 and before midnight I was down ($313.75). It was the worst day picking I've ever had. But like all mistakes, I've learned my lesson and the lesson is 1.) There always comes a day when the Dogs win, 2.) Quit after you lose $100, 3.) THE BRAVES ALWAYS CHOKE!!!

On 10/05/12, The Braves played STL in the wildcard game. Once again they choked!! The Braves alone have now cost me ($150.00). The team that brought me back so many times since 09/01/12, cost me in the end. I went on the week to go 1-3 in CFB & 3-1 in NFL and MLB ATS 1-0; ML 1-10; O/U 4-3, Parlay 0-1.
Needless to say, MLB killed me this week!!

10/08/12 - 10/14/12 - NFL WEEK OF THE DOGS

So after a weekend like that, I felt the need to make some urgent picks that week. So I played the MLB games and ended up 2-2 on Over/Unders in Playoff Baseball & 2-3 on the ML. The juice on those ML in MLB have really kicked my ass over the last two weeks. So Saturday I'm doing really well and end up making 2 stupid bets to end the day. FAU vs ULM over 56 & South Carolina (pickem). All week long I told everyone LSU would upset SC. My angle was that in 2010 SC at home beat Bama then they were upset by Kentucky. Well the same thing happened Saturday night and I played against my angle & second guessed myself. That brings me to another rule 4.) Never 2nd guess yourself, 5.) Dont get taked off your pick!... [More]


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