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Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:07 AM

Mavs @ Magic = FISHY LINE? Look in here

Most of you are saying this line stinks, this line is fishy, the Mavs should be favored blah blah blah.
Well just look at all of the lines of their away games this season:
@ Clippers -5.5@ Denver +4@ Memphis +1@ New Orleans +4.5@ Atlanta +3@ OKC +4@ San Antonio +4.5@ Utah +4@ Sacramento -7@ Miami +6.5
Still think it looks fishy? I think it looks just right. I know the Magic stink right now, but their still going to get respect. The only loss the Mavs have suffered straight up was against New Orleans and the only loss ATS was against Sac Town.
Don't over think this one guys. I got the Mavs +4 tomorrow and I'm loving the points as I'll think they will win straight up.... [More]


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