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Posted Friday, July 15, 2011 08:21 AM

Can the Reds Win the Central!!!

The Reds start the second half of the season 4 games behind the Cardinals.A couple of thoughts of mine on what the need to do to win the Central.First,They need to make a big trade that will generate some Excitement to the currant roster,this team seems to be missing something,Bringing in a big name would help this team get back last years Mojo.The Reds have tons of young talent that other teams would trade for.There are 2 positions that the Reds need a serious upgrade,shortstop and left field.Jose Reyes would be the perfect guy for this club as he fits their needs,shortstop and a leadoff hitting.Stubbs is not a leadoff hitter.As for left field if they are not going to make Heisey the everyday guy then you have to go out and get one,because Gomes just does not cut it.I would love to see Hunter Pence in a Reds uniform playing left field.Lets go Walt and get a player that would push this team over the top!!!


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