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BetDSI is offering Covers Members a FREE $50 Super Bowl Wager!

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Posted Monday, October 15, 2012 06:16 PM   7 comments

BetDSI is offering Covers members a FREE $50 Super Bowl wager.

Free $50 Super Bowl Wager!  
(email with your covers username and DSI account number to get your free $50 Super Bowl wager.)

Also get 100% sportsbook and 50% casino bonus when you fund your account.

Promo: Covers500

*Registration for the Super Bowl wager does not require immediate deposit, but does require a minimum of $100 in “real money” wagered volume before Jan 1st 2013 for the wager to be validated. 

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BetDSI_eu says:
10/15/12 06:46PM
BetDSI_eu says:
10/15/12 07:16PM


BetDSI_eu says:
10/15/12 09:29PM
nbpayton says:
10/18/12 09:15AM
I assume this is for new members only?
666LES says:
10/18/12 02:10PM
I signed up am not a new member. NOTE: must deposit and wager total of $100 before Jan 1.
baseballchemist says:
11/12/12 03:26PM
hey betdsi,

when i call and ask about this covers500 promo, they said i dont qualify and need a special code?
BETTHEHOOK5809 says:
02/03/13 01:07PM
I called today to request my 50 free play that I was offered on 2 seperate promos and was told too bad because I didnt ask for it sooner. I was supposed to send an email for the wager. In years past the 50 free play was put in our account automatically and we just made the wager. Guess things have changed. I dont need the 50 dollars. Its just the principle of the thing. I was promised 2 50 dollars free bet promos both by Kathy the American lady there. Oh Well.
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