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Posted Friday, August 06, 2010 11:20 AM

Why the Jets Won't Make the Playoffs

Can you ever remember a more over hyped, overrated team ever in an NFL pre-season? Me neither.  Here are some reasons you need to recognize why the Jets will not make the playoffs this season.

1.  The Jets were 9-7 last year. They won their ninth game in the NFL’s last regular season game when the Cincinnati Bengals benched all of their starters to rest for the playoffs. Because of this, the Jets snuck into the playoffs. Let’s look more closely at the Jets 9 wins, shall we?


The Jets started off the 2009 season with two quality wins at 8-8 Houston and at home against a recovering New England Patriot team. I’ll give you those two wins. Then, they beat the 8-8 Titans who were an atrocious 0-6 to start the year.  After LOSING to the hapless Bills, the Jets beat the hopeless 5-11 Raiders. They then rolled off three straight losses before winning three straight against Carolina, Buffalo, and Tampa; whose combined record was 17-32. Wow!!!! World Beaters! Finally, after losing on their own field in December to the domed Falcons, the Jets got their remaining two wins against Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Two teams who had their starters benched for a... [More]


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