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Posted Thursday, January 01, 2015 03:18 PM

CFP Playoff Games

FSU +13.5 and Alabama -1.5 Teaser for 20 units

Alabama - 7.5 for 30 units

Love this teaser and I haven't done a teaser in 2-3 years since they are typically loser bets. I just think there is too much value here.

I think FSU-Oregon will be a tight 1 score game. I do like FSU to spring the upset so why not play it safe and take the extra points. Oregon could win but if they do it will be tight. Alabama I feel will win by at least 14-17 pts. A third string QB vs. Bama with Saban having weeks to prepare too. The public is overreacting so badly to that Wisky 59-0 beat down. Before that the Buckeyes were playing neck and neck deep into the third and fourth Q's with Indiana and Michigan at home!

Love that ESPN is reporting 2-1 money on Ohio St vs. Bama in Vegas books and it's all small bets. I will always side with the book on a publicly bet dog with a third string QB vs. Bama! Squares are all over Ohio State and Florida St which raises some red flags for me considering the public loves favorites.

FSU 34 Oregon 31

Alabama 34 Ohio State 17

Posted Tuesday, December 23, 2014 09:27 PM

Bowl Season

SD State -3 for 5 units

Clear mismatch here. Navy doesn't have many impressive wins. SD State has a lot of familiarity with the option. Navy has a long way to travel while San Diego St will be at home. SD State has a solid OL and defense and I just think the size and speed mismatches will win out. I hate betting against Navy as I've had family members go there but they are over their head tonight and it's going to be too much of a step up in class for them in my opinion.

Posted Thursday, August 06, 2009 12:35 PM

Denver UNDER 6.5 wins

This looks like the best bet of the preseason and its even money. Last year Denver was 8-8 and I dont even see them winning 6 games this season. They lost Cutler and brought in Orton which is a huge downgrade. They have done little to improve their front 7 which was awful last season. They brought in Dawkins at safety but hes old. Their defense wont be able to stop anyone I feel. Their offense will also suffer with Orton taking snaps and a first yr inexperienced coach making the calls. This team will not ba able to pound the ball in years past because Orton can't throw the dep ball so teams will stack the box. Also, I believe Brandon Marshall is suspended for a few of the beginning games of the season. Look at the schedule as well:
at Cinci TOSSUP
Clev WIN
at Oakland TOSS UP
Dallas LOSS
New England LOSS
at San Diego LOSS
at Baltimore LOSS
Pittsburgh LOSS
at Wash LOSS
San Diego LOSS
NY Giants LOSS
at Indy LOSS
at Philly LOSS
This is how I see it. Thoughts?


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