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Posted Sunday, October 04, 2009 10:58 AM

6 winners

My system gave me 9 plays this weekend.   I want to win 'em all, but realistically, I'll be happy to go 6-3

DET +10
CLE +6.5
HOU -8.5
TEN -3
NEP -2
MIA pk
STL +9.5
SDO +6.5
MIN -4

System also gave me DAL -3, but I'm not playing it, because it seems like a trap


Saints -7
Jets lead NFL by blitzing on 63% of their plays.   That's not gonna work against the Saints.   I heard that Brees has a 154 passer rating when the opposing team blitzes.

Colts -10
Seattle usually plays poorly in the Eastern time zone.   Plus, I think teams like to run it up against the Seahawks when they are the visitors, especially if they've lost the previous meeting at Seattle's noisy Qwest field.  Colts lost last meeting, played in Seattle.   Time for them to give some payback.



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