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Posted Wednesday, December 01, 2010 11:50 PM

Houston vs. Philly - Thursday (brief)

Eagles might win, but I can't see how they can blow out a smart (although inconsistent) team like Houston.  I have confidence in Schaub and his available weapons to effectively move the ball and give their defense the crucial rest time they'll need to keep up with the fast paced Eagles. Vick's vulnerabilities have been somewhat exposed in the last two games: overload the defense on his blind side and contain him in the pocket and he loses his play-making ability....
I highly doubt we will ever see a point spread like this with Eagles for the rest of the season, with that being said I think the inflated -9 should be a more reasonable -6.5 (at which point I'd put my on Philly).

In any event:

Houston 24
Philly 27

you can draw your own synopsis of what my picks will be

Posted Monday, November 01, 2010 06:35 PM

Why is it so hard to bet against Peyton Manning?

There's alot of talk about Texans actually having a legit shot at FINALLY winning in Indy. Texans seem to have stepped up their game play somewhat, and the Colts are very banged up right now. Lets not forget, the Texans have already proved to everyone this year that they are a capable team againt Manning in their very first game... I say all this because all signs and evidence indicate taking a team that may not even need the spread to win as a bettor, but still getting +5.5 pts SHOULD be an easy pick....

But why can't I feel comfortable about putting my $$$ against the living legend Manning?


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