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Posted Thursday, December 02, 2010 08:16 AM

Little girl Ian Poulter blasts Tiger on twitter

Golf's self appointed fashion queen Ian Poulter dis's Tiger on twitter.

The gay brit just can't seem to leave well enough alone after last weeks performance, Poulter was garnishing fans with his play but this week it's his annoying mouth beating the newly converted back into Poulter submission.I do have respect for his game but Mr. Big head just can't keep his mouth shut.It seem Poulter craves attention and must evoke Tiger's name and game to get any even after a current win.

Everyone knows Tiger has been way off and Poulter appears to be on a run but while stirring up the action with his sticks his mouth has the oddsmakers jumping.

Tiger/Poulter matchups spring up in defense of the possibility that Tiger may just have had enough of this mouthy little tweak.

I am looking at the odds but although I might not back Tiger with my dollars it would tickle my heart to see Mr. pink pants bitch slapped by a turn around in Tigers play.

Posted Tuesday, August 31, 2010 08:39 AM

Books nutsack shrinking

Just took a look at the early futures and guess what NO Tiger Woods.

Are the books afraid of a big whack or just too confused along with the rest of the golfing world to put up a appealing line.

+3000 on DJ was the only number I saw that looked appealing.

No one knows for sure. Will he  show us 3 or 4 days of his A game this week? Will he do well enough to even make the last dance?

The challenge is thrown down the media is frenzied his supporters are salivating over the drama with I told you so ready to spurt out from their lips if he plays well this week.Tiger has shown success on this track before the stage is set....but no line on Tiger?

The whole scenario is too storybook looks like it is made for TV drama.

Forgetting Tiger is Tiger and everything that has gone down in the last two years could the networks and the PGA really get lucky enough to drive ratings the way it would if Tiger comes out of the box. I guess thats Jack that comes out of the box but you know where I'm going here.

The giant cash register is poised to ring if.........

Posted Thursday, December 03, 2009 05:30 PM

Tiger boards The Privacy

As all the controversy swirls around the front gates of Ilseworth Tiger sneaks out the back and climbs aboard his yacht The Privacy and escapes to the Caribbean and can you blame him

Tiger joins a long list of athletes,politicians and celebrities that have been outed publicly for infidelity.The smoking voice mail tape aired last night on entertainment tonight appeared to be the straw that broke the camels back and forced the every silent Tiger to confess to his human frailty and plead for understanding while he attempts damage control.  Elin's Escalade is still in the drive at his home and no one seems to know if she is there or with him on the yacht.

 If we take a look at what other bad boy friends that have had problems with the press have advised, we see Barkley and John Daley advising him to come clean and admit to it all. Daley even went as far to suggest that he take his wife and family west to support his tournament even though he has withdrawn for supposed "injuries sustained in the crash.

 Would Tigers presence at the tournament really have been a good idea I think not.He would have been at the center of the swirl of media frenzy and the players surely would have found the media hub bub a great distraction. Tiger would have constantly been saying No comment and that it is a private matter but would the Press have let up and gone on to cover purely golf, I think not. He did the players and the tournament a favor by r... [More]

Posted Monday, October 05, 2009 08:50 AM

Blue pics for Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup     top American Tiger Woods +400 Turning Stone                     R. Sabattini +4000                     D. Love + 4500                     B. Snedecker +2400                H2H                     Sabatinni/Rose                     D, Love/Howell                      Barnes/Gore                     Letzig/Laird Dunhill                    P. Harrington +800 Constellation Energy                    N Price/T. Watson Navistar                   M. Wi... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2009 07:50 PM

Tiger is missing the Mojo

I have been defending Tiger for the past month as others have said he is slipping and  that he has lost his edge I have maintained that his talent will rise again and he will regain his premier status on the tour. As I watched his play today I'm just not as sure as I once was I see a few critical flaws in his game that are unrelated to his swing,his strategy or the elements. That only leaves his emotional connection and for sure he just doesn't have it. The rhythm,the patience and the confidence are all obviously missing, he seems on edge in pain with his approach unable to grasp the reason and that is displayed by his flashes of anger.
  He may shoot 63 tomorrow but will that  be the exception in the future rather than the norm.I am not so sure he will regain his game until he clears the mental cloud from his approach to play he must re-establish the pleasure he once had and displayed in just playing the game. As a previous golf great said, Golf is a good walk spoiled,and Tiger is spoiling his walk before he even gets going.Maybe we can blame the family life for being a distraction or the recent injuries but he alone must figure it out and where I thought it would be rather soon I now must say it looks to be later. A Tiger fade and an odds leveling is inevitable.  

Posted Monday, July 13, 2009 03:42 PM

American or European? The British Open advantage.

 It is this time of the year when I start pondering which tour will come out on top in the British. A lot of European players are posting low numbers on their tour this year, granted an argument can be made that our tour events are held on harder layouts but week in and week out they trim us with the final number.
 I always find myself wishing for an American to bust up the field and it seems the British is the only spot where we send some serious competition. 11 times in the last twenty years a US player has come away with the title. Will this be one of those years.?
 With Padrig,Poulter and Kymer this year might be a good spot for another European to come away with the British.but if Tiger or any number of our guys bring that A game we might be waving a US flag.
 In any event the British is upon us and soon enough we will know which flag will be in the winners circle.

Posted Thursday, June 25, 2009 09:06 AM

The TPC River Course

A typical TPC golf course in Conn this track has a little bit for everyone beautiful rolling course in fantastic condition, greens speeds again this week will be key. The weather in New England has been wet and cool all month but has a chance to turn for the weekend The golf course will  play soft and  yardage  is not bad at all by tour standards. In typical New England fashion stray shots will be caught in a quagmire of thick grasses and dense underbrush, the greens are very tricky lots of roll offs and different levels so again shot makers advantage.
  BOL to all 1st round.

Posted Monday, June 22, 2009 07:43 AM


What a mess to bet this open has been.The suspensions in play have made it impossible to consider the options.Match ups have come so late and with such little time it's been hard to shop lines,check stats  or  take your normal time to consider smart wagers. The books seem to be scrambling as well, maybe that's why the lines offered are so juicy. I was left with two options pick quick and pay the juice or not.Take the offered match-ups or not.
All of this has left me muddled but on to perhaps the final day.
 We all know the US Open has an 18 hole playoff on a tie so we could easily run into Tuesday. I give the advantage to the season guys after the night off last night I am sure the young guns slept poorly,Glover looks solid, Barnes was wristy, slapping at the ball no doubt nerves and Fischer may show. You just can't count Tiger or Phil out of the mix with the possibility of a playoff. It's going to be a real interesting day.Do we want more golf or has this been enough. Tuesday playoff, anyone?
Mahan,Duval and the Goose are all still lurking and Bubba blasted the low round yesterday. Whoever hits it straight today will win. The black has been tame by normal standards but what little presents have been left for the players this morning, it's all a big question that will be answered soon Enough. On to the play. Best of luck to all.

Posted Monday, May 11, 2009 01:53 PM

Slow down & Fine Tune week at the Valero Texas Open

As the temps climb the spring wains toward summer we come to slight break if you would in Texas, although the field remains strong the notables regroup and fine tune.It is a time for the hot games and the young ones to shine a perfect time for a Mallinger,Davis or Na, the field has the Texas boys too and any off them could run away. The books will have some interesting match ups,full tournament odds should be good again this week as Stenson payed a handsome price over the weekend.
I think we are going to see a runaway this weekend as there seem to be a bunch of players on the verge of some very low numbers.

Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2009 11:52 PM

Players matchups



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