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Read a lot of post on covers and have posted.Had some winners and big losers.I play with a local and made my first bet on Auburn in 74 Gator Bowl over Texas.Won and was hooked.I coached high school football and lived for Friday Night 32 years.Does that make me a better bettor?Not at all.I do see things others don't from the post i read as i do not always" follow the ball"I also stay as local as possible,learning that the hard way.I did not post my plays and rarely do.I will here and why.Week one i took A&M Thursday simply because no one gave em a chance.I did not expect that result,that said i am not sold they can get up for EC,correct all the mistakes i saw,and blow out this Pirate bunch who put up 50 something.EC and the points.Have great respect for Boise St and like the HC,Petersons old OC,Ole Miss had too much speed and to many athletes and it showed in the 4th.Vandy got drilled by Temple but would not overreact to that and i see this year in and out,Vandy always gives Ole Miss fits.Van and 21 for me.Sat i took UAB knowing that Clark who took over UAB would get all his players and coaches have.Clark excelled in this state at the 6A level going to state championship 4 times in 9 years,winning 3.He rode Joey Jones,a Alabama player legend and also a great high school coach himself,rode his coattails to start the program at South Alabama.SA played a Sun Belt schedule last year and are in this year,but Clark left and took Jax St HC spot,a FBS school in Alabama and where ... [More]

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---I will use the common term of units when offering my plays,one unit my normal play,five units my best play,hope I can help anybody looking for good plays .I am from the deep south,LA,Lower Alabama.Nice to meet youins                                                      Plays---Mia + 6-  2 units                                                                          Tenn-5.5 1 unit                                                                            Car  -3.5 1 unit                                                                            Cinn+4   4 units-Play of the day           


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