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Posted Thursday, March 01, 2012 08:26 AM

Andrew Luck: Not on my can't-miss NFL list

I'm going to give you all a breakdown on what to expect from the players entering this years draft.

For now I will give you a few guys to watch, players who are "can't misses" and some of the under the radar guys who will be very successful at the next level.

BTW.... any of you who have followed me through the years in the college football forum know I kept pumping a guy up named " Robert Griffin III ". Yeah, that guy turned out pretty good I think.

Here are a few guys who IMO are cant miss guys at the next level... Not my entire list. But a few. ( notice Mr. Luck is not on my list. I will get into later on why I think he may be a tad overrated. )

This is not the entire list... But guys IMO who will have a long successful NFL Career ( NO particular order)

Justin Blackmon
David Decastro
Kendal Wright
Micheal Floyd
Dwayne Allen
Dontari Poe
Vinny Curry
Billy Winn
Lavonte David
Robert Griffin III
Case Keenum
Matt Kalil
Morris Claiborn
Melvin Ingram
Luke Kuechly
Isaiah Pead
Mark Barron
Orson Charles
Eric Page
I dont care what draft experts say.... I know and trust what I see.

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 08:48 AM

Last time I explain the Boise St. thing

Listen, I read here in the forum where you guys continue to disrespect Boise State. I either think it's because you're in absolute denial or maybe it's the fact you don't understand football. I think some of you refuse to believe football is played anywhere other than the south ( before you cast the first stone, I'm from the south, trust me I get it ) But my question is, when is enough, ENOUGH!!!

I live, sleep and spend countless hours devoting my life to the game of college football. In all my years this is the one subject that really truly baffles me about the overall persecution of one certain team.

What else does Boise have to do? What? These guys continue to perform at a high level on the national stage time after time. And yes, I do acknowledge that there schedule isn't as hard as a SEC, ACC, Big Ten, PAC 12 etc... schedule. But do they not perform at a high level every time there called upon?

Here are the Facts:

Every time they win a big game, it's because there only having to get up for one game.

Well, it's the first game of the this team hadn't worked out all the kinks yet. UHHHHH, it's Boise S.T first game too!!!

It's that damn field, it's not fair...... I thought your talent was superior to there's. Right? You know Kellen Moore was a one star recruit, right!!!

They run trick plays to win..... OK, really. So now not only are you getting the shit kicked out of you, but now your crying about the fact that ... [More]

Posted Monday, June 06, 2011 10:06 AM

Why Tressel leaving is the best thing that ever happened to Ohio State

I m a big Ohio S.T hater for sure... But overall, I do respect there program and think there among the elite of college football.

First off, I would like to say that I think the NCAA has come down way to hard on Ohio S.T. I do think that this kind of small petty trash goes on at about..............ummmm all university's. I m really, who gives a shit about tattoos and hidden e mails. If you don't think that this " stuff " goes on at YOUR teams university then you're naive as hell.

But the real reason I'm this is because, I think this is the best thing that could happen for Ohio S.T. WHY??? Simple.....

GARY PATTERSON... If you guys don't get it, then your slow. The guy would instantly turn this underachieving program into a national title contenting program every year. The guy would coach circles around " Sweater Vest " . If you guys haven't been paying attention, the guy has been competing against the elite programs like Oklahoma, Boise S.T, Wisconsin...ETC..ETC...  and doing it with half the talent....Do you think any of his players he has had in the past 5 or so years could have played at Ohio S.t or even got a look at in recruiting? The answer is NO..... No picture this Buckeye fans.... if this guy becomes your next Head Coach, imagine what he would do with " real elite talent " .... 

I m telling you.... the guy would stack championships and football would become boring knowing that Ohio s.T would either win or compete for a nation... [More]


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