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Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 08:48 AM

Last time I explain the Boise St. thing

Listen, I read here in the forum where you guys continue to disrespect Boise State. I either think it's because you're in absolute denial or maybe it's the fact you don't understand football. I think some of you refuse to believe football is played anywhere other than the south ( before you cast the first stone, I'm from the south, trust me I get it ) But my question is, when is enough, ENOUGH!!!

I live, sleep and spend countless hours devoting my life to the game of college football. In all my years this is the one subject that really truly baffles me about the overall persecution of one certain team.

What else does Boise have to do? What? These guys continue to perform at a high level on the national stage time after time. And yes, I do acknowledge that there schedule isn't as hard as a SEC, ACC, Big Ten, PAC 12 etc... schedule. But do they not perform at a high level every time there called upon?

Here are the Facts:

Every time they win a big game, it's because there only having to get up for one game.

Well, it's the first game of the this team hadn't worked out all the kinks yet. UHHHHH, it's Boise S.T first game too!!!

It's that damn field, it's not fair...... I thought your talent was superior to there's. Right? You know Kellen Moore was a one star recruit, right!!!

They run trick plays to win..... OK, really. So now not only are you getting the shit kicked out of you, but now your crying about the fact that ... [More]


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