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Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2012 12:05 AM

WEEK 10 picks - Brady says....

3-4 last week when everyone killed it  keep the fade material coming. Not gunna bother with the write up till it gets better. Fade away my friends.

-COLTS/JAGS Under 42.5  & Jags TT Under 19.5(big play JAX TT)

-Bengals (+4)

-Titans (+7) (big play)

-Falcons (-1)

-Jets (+7.5) (MAX play)

-Cowboy (Pk)

-Texans (Pk)

-Ravens (-9) Blowout G.O.W.

-Broncos/Panthers UNDER 47

-Falcons/Saints under 53.5 (Mid play)

BOL bros!

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 08:31 PM

YTD: 0-3 on forums (fun read, i think?)

for all that followed me last week, shame on you for trusting a newcomer to the forum! easy fades hope you followed some of my trends though! (YTD 10-4)
Miami-(-1 1/2) is this a joke line? did we not see what miami just did to sanchez with these floating ball that luck also loves to throw? luck is going to have be severely lucky against this defense. Lucks great at home? whats that matter when you throw it into the defenses hands? Colts dont exactly have a stellar defense to stop miamis stellar offense either.
KC/San Diego Under 42.5 - Rivers has been playing like a stud! oh wait... he's been a severe dud his last 3 games. Put him up against the top pass rushers in the NFL and this is a big problem. sounds like the KC's offense this entire season. BUT KC has a great run game! well... SD has one of the top ranked run defenses. BUT they scored 37 against them in week 4! you know why? 6 TO's you think thats gunna happen again? mistakes get corrected. unfortunately you cannot fix the mistake that is the san diego and kansas city chiefs.
Cleveland- (+4) Guess what? The Browns finally got the pieces of their defense back together and you all are baring witness to what is happening. Flacco is GOD AWFUL on the road i mean BAD. Oh... so your undefeated vs the browns huh? alright.. so that means your going to smoke this defense only giving up 15 pts a game now? what about your defense? the one thats damn near dead last against the run against an elite RB like richardson? ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2012 03:27 AM

SOLID 10pt+ teaser for week 8 (with reasoning)

6-0 on my teasers past two weeks, time to start posting here. I enjoy the insight on covers though this site tends to favor the public bets heavily (like chicago tonight). Very picky with my spots and a heavy researcher Huge trend/emotion of team type of bettor.CLEVELAND +13 -San Diego is notorious for playing poorly in 10am games. They are also 10-22 ATS as a road favorite coming off a 10 pt. DIV. loss and the Browns are getting their team back from injuries. Rivers is an INT. machine throwing 1+ INT every game this year. Cleveland has only lost two games this year by more then a TD (others by 10 & 14) this will be crucial in this type of spread favoring cleveland at home.Redskins (+14.5) They have NEVER lost by more than a TD this year while playing some decent teams this schedule. Griffin is always trying to win no matter the score, he is a 'gambling mans dream'. Steelers are allowing 4.13 yards per rushing attempt entering Week Seven. That places the Steelers at No. 20 in that category. Of particular note: The Steelers are allowing 4.82 yards per carry on middle runs. What do the skins do best my friends? The Steelers are still hurting with key injuries and this situation cannot be any better.Saints (+16) Denver is 12-3 ATS coming off a bye week? Well, we all have witnessed what is becoming of the Saints returning to form. These wins have tremendously lifted spirits in the locker room and watching the gameplay tape you can already see the drastic changes. Ji... [More]


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