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Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016 05:30 PM

- Week 4 - Sniffing out the winners...

Total Posted Plays:  18-12 (60%)

1st Tier:
  TCU -21
  Miss St -22

2nd Tier:
  Wyoming -2.5
  Southern Miss -10
  Boise St -13.5
  Air Force -3

Good Luck!

Posted Friday, September 16, 2016 07:56 PM

- Week 3 - What's that smell?

I am only showing my plays based on the most recent lines...

  1.  Western Kentucky -17
  2.  South Florida -14
  3.  North Texas +36.5
  4.  Charlotte +2.5
  5.  Illinois +3
  6.  Massachusetts +1.5
  7.  Georgia St.  +35
  8.  Miami FL -3.5
  9.  Georgia -6.5
10.  Navy -5.5
11.  Army -3.5

Good Luck! 

Just for the record, I have Arizona St. tonight at -18...

Posted Saturday, December 27, 2008 07:07 PM

Cal vs Miami

Game:  Cal vs Miami

Schedule:  Miami

Offensive Passing:  Miami (Insignificant; both -)
Defensive Passing:  Miami (Significant; Miami 13th)

Offensive Rushing:  Cal (Significant; Cal +)
Defensive Rushing:  Cal (Significant; Cal +)

Home Field lean:  Cal

Cal's strength is in the running game… offensively and defensively.  Cal will control the ground game and thus, control the game.  It may not happen quick, but I think Cal will cover this one.

PICK:  Cal - 10 (medium)

I like this one to go over as Miami will not be able to do too much on the ground and I believe will have to play from behind (throw)… adding some late "back door" pts or pts off turn overs to help out.

PICK:  Over 51 (medium)

GL All!

Posted Friday, December 26, 2008 03:00 PM

? Florida Atlantic vs Central Michigan ?

Schedule:  Central Michigan (Insignigicant; Both -)

COACHES: Florida Atlantic - Howard Schnellenberger
(Central Michigan - Butch Jones (0-1 in bowls); FAU - Howard Schnellenberger (5-0 in bowls))

Offensive Passing:  Central Michigan (Insignificant; Both teams +)
Defensive Passing:  Florida Atlantic (Medium significance; Both teams -)  NOTE:  Central Michigan 119th in yards given up/game)

Offensive Rushing:  Florida Atlantic (Insignificant; Both teams -)
Defensive Rushing:  Central Michigan (Medium significance; Central Michigan Avg, Florida Atlantic -)

Other factors:
Bigger, Better Talent:  Insignificant
Home Field lean:  Central Michigan
Motivation: Insignificant
SACKS:  FAU has not given up but 12 sacks! SIGNIFICANT!!

The ball should be flying around with both teams capable of success in the air and neither very good at stopping the pass.  With this much potential for passing success, I think the rushing stats are insignificant as any thing could happen for either team running the ball when both teams are expecting the pass.  Central Michigan does have a slightly more difficult schedule, better record, and home field advantage.  Yet, FAU finished the season out on a more positive note.  I don't think that is an accident as Howard Schnellenberger is 5-0 in bowl games.  With Central Michigan fully capable of shutting down FAU's runnin... [More]


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