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Posted Saturday, September 29, 2012 01:02 PM

Da Punishner WEEK 5

Last Week 5-4  (+2.3u)

New Mexico  (+26.5) 3u

Wisc  (+13.5) 3U

Cincy (+6.5)3u

Bama (-30.5)2u

Geo (-13.5)2u

La Tecxh  (+3.5)2u

Lousiville  (-11)2u

Purdue (-16)2u



Posted Sunday, August 22, 2010 04:23 PM

Week one leans

BADGERS (-19) If you can't stop the run , you really don't want to see this team. The Badgers will score 42-49 against this team Wisky Def. should be better because STUD cornerback Henry is back. This would be my biggest play of the year if Scolfield (Def Linemen) was still on the team. However, JJ Watt's and safety Vaili will be plenty.
FLORIDA. (-35) The score at half-time will be 35-3 to settle down the Gator nation. For most of us it's more fun getting off in the girlfriend house. However' Meyer loves getting off in anybody's house. A ROYAL  plucking. (If you get my drift.
MICHIGAN ST(-20.5) This was 31- 7 last year with the same spread. State will be better, especially the defense ,with the return of the linebackers.
MISS. ST. ((20.5) This is the same game as the Badger's and UNLV. Memphis has too many problems on the defensive side of the ball. A new coach and new scheme, means no cover in Starksville.
NEB (-35)  I love fading bad teams. And I promsie you this is the worst D-1 team in the country. A blowout.
OKI (-31)  The only thing better than fading the worst team in the country, is fading a bad team that the coach don't mind running up the score.  BOM"S AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
More to follow. Don't like to type although I spend 25-30 hours a week handicapping. My handicapping team and I also spend 5-8 hours a week in the "SITUATION ROOM" going over games.

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Posted Saturday, November 29, 2008 11:43 AM

Punishner's Week 14

Florida -------------(-15.5)  40 UNITS
Texas Tech-------(-20.5)  40 UNITS
Oki ------------------(-7)      30  UNITS
Southern Miss  (-13.5)   30  UNITS
Georgia-----       (-8.5)     30  UNITS
Auburn ----------  (+15)     20  UNITS
Maryland -------- (+7.5)     10 UNITS
Arkansas St. ---(-20)        10 UNITS
Memphis----------(-13)        10 UNITS


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