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Posted Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:04 PM

Miami needs to get their sh*t together!

I could not be more upset watching that despicable throw away of a game by miami who was up 6 at the half and 11 at one point.

 Bosh fu*@ed the dog almost tying an nba worst going 1 for 18 (in 76 some a**hole actually did 1 for 22) which ultimately would have been a game changer for the over and the spread.

Wade cost the win when they were tied with 20 seconds and tries to double team rose when the bigger stronger man lebron is on him. (trust your fu**ing team)

Lebron has a chance to tie it and takes the worst shot ive ever seen hitting the backboard below the rim.  He mite as well have shot it from his side.   

Ultimately Miami played like a sloppy college team second half , my girlfriend who knows zero about sports walked by the LED and said they look sloppy.

I understand they had basically no contribution from their bench, nevertheless professionals do not finish business the way miami did.

To all you frustrated cappers that had Miami, I feel your pain and stress of picking an away favourite that the public is with.  Vegas clearly has their sh*t together.

Keep winning,



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