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Posted Saturday, December 29, 2012 01:14 PM

UFC 155 Plays.....This Card Will Be Fireworks

I've been reading posts here for a while but with the New Year I think i'll begin posting picks of my own to keep track of my progress...
Once the New Year rolls in i'll hopefully continue to provide detailed write-ups and contribute to the MMA forum. I'll start from the bottom of the card with what I actually played.

Phillip DeFries vs Todd Duffee

I may be 100% wrong on this but I just can't buy into Duffee as this large of a favorite. It's a much closer fight to me than the odds say. If Duffee doesn't knock him out in the first 4 minutes his chances to win are slim. I think the price here makes it worthwhile to give DeFries a look. Also I just don't think that Duffee will get to DeFries the way Miocic did. He'll be able to weather the storm and get a submission in the 2nd round or grind out a decision win.
Phillip DeFries +275

Michael Johnson vs Myles Jury

Michael Johnson continues to showcase his development in the sport and his much improved stand-up and wins this one via unanimous decision. 
Michael Johnson -235

Brad Pickett vs Eddie Wineland
This fight is tagged as everyone's pick for FOTN, but it may fall short as far as receiving that award. I think it's everyone's pick because this is a very close matchup. This fight could easily go either way and probably would be best to stay away because it could be a controversial decision. I'm going to roll the dice tho and Pickett to edge out Wine... [More]

Posted Sunday, July 01, 2012 08:24 AM

Price on Mendes v McKenzie UFC 148

To me this is one of the more lopsided fights on the card considering Mendes just came off a title shot in Jan, and Cody just won his first fight in May (which I was at) since the TUF Finale. 

My question is why such the big step down in competition for Mendes? Is this about Cody's following he's an obvious fan favorite, or am I missing something here about Mendes. 

So I want to know what price are you guys getting on this fight? My book still has it closed but if it's fairly priced I'm likely to be all over it. I just don't see Cody the one trick pony having a shot against such a strong gameplan fighter. TAM won't let it happen. 


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