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Posted Tuesday, September 07, 2010 11:45 PM

Northern Lights

Hi, all.
I'm somewhat new to these boards and have been a casual observer to the baseball posts.  I've made some VERY menial money there and I've been waiting for football to start (not CFL )

So as my first foray into NFL betting on Covers, here's my humble approach.

Each week I will pick;
1 game for 3 units
2 game parlay for 2 units
3 game parlay for 1 unit
I will be playing the NFL spreads contest and picking for all games, but I won't be posting 10 game parlays, why bother?  And I have no time for that. damn RL job

Whatever your units are, whatever your bank rolls are, this is just my first dabble into posting a thread.  Hopefully my picks will garner some merit after a while, but until then, I appreciate the views.

Wish me luck.  I'm starting with $100 just so you know and my sportsbook is  I'm sure the wagering vets will be able to provide better insight, better wagering combos but my first crack at this will be straightforward against the spread.

Why am I doing this?  What credentials do I have?  None.  I was in 4 pickem vs. spread pools last year (not incl. survivor pools) and placed first twice & second twice.  1 of 373, 1 of 58, 2 of 147, 2 of 636... means shit all.  I bought a new PC with the $3000 i made off an investment of $275... also means shit all.

Just for shits & giggles, let this Canuck have a go at NFL picks. <-... [More]

Posted Friday, May 07, 2010 08:29 AM


Hey there forum,

I registered a couple months back but haven't really logged on until the last couple weeks or so.  So just sending a quick "hello" to everyone and I was wondering what contests are good to play in?

I'm an NHL & NFL super fan.  MLB is a distant second, NBA is a very distant third and pretty much everything else is after that.

I do wager on golf... not sure how that started but I've been pretty decent at it for some reason?  LOL.




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