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Posted Saturday, April 24, 2010 08:00 PM



RISKING $1000 TO WIN $1000

should be a decent fight but i see ademek closing it out. Wouldnt be surprised to see adamek get  the ko


Julio +425

risking $300 to win $1275

angulo was julio years ago, however julio is quicker and if the idoit would get in real shape, he could one day win a title belt. Angulo is to telegraphic and im still on the boat that julio would beat cintron. Cintron make angulo look silly, and julio has alittle more movement then him. I worry bout the scorecards and julio's conditioning but the price is good enough if you ask me.


i wouldnt be surpirised if joksan beats beltran later tonight but no play. I had $600 on kessler but im alittle late on that.


on a personal note, i decided to quit betting for a while since my life had got way to busy and personally i lose more cash the first couple of months of boxing anyways. So my money has been going elsewhere. However after mopping up a $1000 on sergio martinez last week im more then willing to put it on adamek. gl all

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2009 04:38 PM


2009 ytd 59-81---- +11.69 units  ($1169) last week 1-4 -12.01units   had one win last week and it was a parlay of the hyland bros to win a $100......fight started early and my posting after a victory would have looked stupid......Bad week as it seemed everyone in the boxing betting world was on the same page as me and not for a good thing....     I am glad i didnt bet antillion on any parlays and this was why....Acosta if you remember handed Adjaho  his only defeat and honestly i never saw the fight but i heard it was close and adjaho deserved the victory....So i figured Acosta must be a slick quick fighter as well to be able to maintain with adajho but had no power.....Well antillion is a fighter like daniel jacobs, Hylon Williams Jr. (if he ever makes a leap) and angulo (who i thought would beat cintron but then get exposed horribly versus Martinez) ia overrated to the tee.....   But there was no way i thought acosta would prove this now when the eba was begging to hand over a trinket to antillion....well.. we were all wrong..Antillion reminds me of Angulo a tad bit and acosta just burned him out.....Acosta by no mean is the next great thing and proabley will share the same fate as Mr. prescott next year on espn.....            ... [More]

Posted Sunday, July 26, 2009 08:12 AM

im starting to change my mind about marquez and mayweather

and i think this fight is going to be a good one after all and marquez might be worth some small action......and its going over.......marquez is looking mean and strong in training

Posted Wednesday, July 22, 2009 03:31 PM

Handicapping Boxing Matches...Why not?

After the NBA season concludes after the finals, a long stretch of inactivity occurs within a normal sports handicapper. Why is that? Well there is only one mainstream handicapping sport left to bet on. Betting on baseball is one of the most difficult sports to make money on as well as it can be the cause of 90% of all grinders sports related heartattacks. To much of the game betting line relys on one person and if Johan Santana decides to turn into John Rocker then your typically S.O.L and so is the heavy juiced money you invested in one team. It works the same as well if Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants becomes Nolan Ryan and pitches a no hitter. Believe me there is money to be made but it honestly becomes a chore and since there is so many games many times handicappers fire away at too many games. The control is tough as well as the betting lines.

I grew up watching  boxing in the 1980's and 90's on every saturday night at my grandparents house. My grandfather (r.i.p) was in love with the sport and for me it was a way we bonded and i enjoyed being one of the guys with him. My favorite memory was when me, him and my dad were watch Meldrick Taylor pick apart Chavez like a surgeon only to be shocked when Taylor wasnt smart enough to run for the last round and got dropped with seconds away from winning the fight on the scorecards easily. There is nothing more i rather do in life then a championship fight.

As my... [More]

Posted Monday, January 12, 2009 03:21 PM

Final 2008 YtD

Cee Money------

Mlb* Posted at different forum    31-20 +19.10 units   61%

(Covers)  All posted

Nfl 65-50-2 +73.52 units (56%)  (9-2-1) plays 5.0 units and above)  

Ncca Football  111-102    +5.69 units (52%) 

Boxing 53-32 +93.97 units    (62%)

Nba 58-56 -9.81 units    (50%)-------(1st half of 2008-2009 season)


Total ytd-All Sports


318-260-2  55%   +182.47 units or $18,247


These are close to my final numbers for 2008.......Since 3 NFL games remain, if I bet action to those games I will count them towards 2008 totals. However, i could just lay off. NBa will not roll over.


Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 10:58 PM

Cee Money (PB) Ytd 2008

*Mlb* Posted at different forum    31-20 +19.10 units   61%

(Covers)  All posted

Nfl 62-48-2 +72.32 units (55%)  (9-1-1) plays 5.0 units and above)  

Ncca Football  106-100    -8.53 units (51%) 

Boxing 53-32 +93.97 units    (62%)

Nba 58-56 -9.81 units    (50%)


Total ytd-All Sports


310-256-2  54%   +167.05 units or $16,705


As of December 28th

Posted Sunday, December 14, 2008 02:49 PM

Cee Money- (pb)- Record as of December 16th

ytd 2008 wagering


*Mlb* Posted at different forum    31-20 +19.10 units   61%

(Covers)  All posted

Nfl 60-48-1 +64.32 units (55%)  (8-1 plays 5.0 units and above)  

Ncca Football  104-98    -9.12 units (51%) 

Boxing 55-31 +96.47 units    (62%)

Nba 58-54 -7.61 units    (52%)


Total ytd-All Sports


308-251-1  55%   +163.16 units or $16,316

*note* because of a busy work week and a $2000 saturday in boxing, I laid off of others sports since friday. Money Manangement. Only bet 1 nfl play for a push, and hated sundays card.

Posted Wednesday, December 03, 2008 03:50 PM

Cee Money (PB) Record As of December 3rd

ytd 2008 wagering


*Mlb* Posted at different forum    31-20 +19.10 units   61% (not included in final ytd)


Nfl 57-44 +70.57 units   (8-1 plays 5.0 units and above)   57%

Ncca Football  101-96   -10.92 units   52%

Boxing 43-23 +81.76 units  66%

Nba 47-42 -4.17 units   53%


Total ytd


248-205  55%   +137.24 units or $13,724




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