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Posted Tuesday, January 18, 2011 09:54 PM


There I was watching the Baltimore/Pittsburgh game with Roethlisberger on offense when my wife walks in and sees him on TV.

My wife who knows nothing about football says to me: "I hate that guy!"  I asked her why. She's says "Oh he's a rapist!"  To my astonishment here was my wife who knew little about football, but knew the world about his ugly face.  Is that how all women feel about Roethlisberger?  So I asked all the guys I worked with to ask their wife want they felt about him.  The answer was all the same.  100% the same!  He's a negative figure for women and their viewership of the NFL.  Their perception of him as a rapist true or not is a serious problem for the NFL.  If he gets into the Superbowl after his discretion in the off season that's all ESPN will talk about for 2 weeks bringing negative publicity to the NFL!

So I got to thinking.  Does the NFL want a QB that is perceived as a rapist in the Superbowl?  The answer is a definite NO.  

Guys, ask the same question to your NON-sports watching girlfriend or wife or female co-worker how they feel about Roethlisberger what and base your wager on that!!!!!!

It's a showbiz first and foremost!


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