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Posted Wednesday, August 08, 2012 11:56 AM

Vegas Guide for Newbies on a Budget 2012 Edition

Hello guys. Just got back a few weeks ago for LV. Thought I would share a few tips for the newbies and people on a budget heading there for their first time. 
Flights and Arrival/Departure: Always try to fly in Sunday. Friday and Saturday nights the hotels are 300-400% more expensive then the rest of the nights. Always try to check in Sunday morning or afternoon, and check out Friday morning. If you do arrive Saturday night, just check in your bags with the bell boys, and stay up all night. Once it's 8AM, just check in early with the hotel. Some charge a fee, but it is very small, usually $10-$20. Usually if you are polite, and ask, they will waive it.
5 nights, 6+ days is always enough time in Vegas. You will find after the 3rd or 4th day, if you are partying a lot, or even just walking around, you will get worn down and the 6th day you can't wait till you get home. Friday and Saturday night do have a lot more people, but not to worry, there will still be plenty of partying to do during the rest of the week. There are always people ready to party in Vegas.
Hotels: Don't ever cheap out too much on hotels. Try to find one close to strip. Don't ever stay at Circus Circus, or even Strat, you will wear yourself out in the heat/walking, or even worse, over spend on cabs. Don't EVER take the local bus in Vegas. Just don't.
Another important reason not to cheap out is you don't want bed bugs, or sheets that are rarely cleaned, or toilet seats not disinfected. I... [More]

Posted Monday, June 25, 2012 01:17 AM

Solid Monday Picks, Long Term Pro

Hey guys, sorry I have not posted much. I am on a few other sites but am transitioning over to Covers. Cannot stand all the spam and childish bickering in the others.

In any case, I am posting this for a friend, but I may as well share it with all of you. My betting is complex and varies depending on the odds and my own calculated edge, so I will just post picks and not get too fancy. Please bet responsibly. 

Excellent plays for Monday June 25th 2012:

STL Cards ML -105

TB Rays ML -105

Oak As ML -110

I don't do write ups, so if you want to lay off tomorrow, and tail me for a while you will see I do well. Goodluck,

Chris M


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