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Posted Wednesday, March 10, 2010 01:15 PM

Why not tax sugar sodas?

based on the following premises, i support taxing sugar soft drinks but i'm interested to hear what the opponents say.  who wants to argue it?

1.regardless of whatever nonsense is going on in washington with health care reform, our health care system needs serious help

2. regardless of just about anything, this country needs to raise money

3. one of the reasons for 1 and 2 above is that people generally take shit care of themselves, are overweight and destined to have various, very expensive medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

4. refined sugars, are a major, if not the major, contributor to such chronic and very expensive medical conditions

5. there is no nutritional value whatsoever in sugar drinks like coke, mountain dew, etc.

6. there is precedent for taxing things that fall into category five, i.e. cigarettes.

so, who's with me?


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