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Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 02:21 PM

Eureka!!...hopefully it holds

So I’ve got something working right now that is showing good return. It’s based on an algorithmic approach applicable to market investment utilizing RSI and MACD indicators. By redefining the variables (the sportsbook as a brokerage market, the bet as the commodity, and bettor as the consumer interest), there appears to be a true correlation in Moneyline prediction within a set parameter. So far this has been successful with NBA, NCAAB, NFL, and NCAAF, with foreseeable success in MLB/NHL (beta testing pending seasons starting). With it being based on parametered ML betting, there is a heightened revenue margin at 75%, but currently it has been holding firm at 91% going 20-2. I’ll post wager selections (based on an arbitrary $100 bet) from this algorithm for anyone interested in following it, or until it embarrasses itself to the scrap heap of fallen betting systems…

12/21/2012 Pick:
NBA: Memphis $100 at ML of (-720)


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