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Posted Friday, May 20, 2011 04:57 PM

Wake up the bats...

Scared that I like so many overs tonight, but gonna lock 'em down. Col/Mil 7 1/2 O, Cin/Cle 8 1/2 O, St L/KC 9 O, Chi/Bos 8 1/2 O, Tam/Fla 8 1/2 O, Hou/Tor 9 O (this last one scares me the most as am thinking the Jays are gonna have to score 9 themselves to get this to just a push). Also like the tribe ml against Cincy. Watched the Reds all year and am thinking they are kinda piss poor. Plus the Indians can smash lefties pretty good. And if the Marlins ml (who just got pushed around by the sorry Cubs) can't beat Sonnanstine, they might as well go fishing off the coast for some Marlin and hang up their cleats. Can someone please explain why so many are on the Baltimore O's??? If anything I like Washington a little more, but just my opinion. Let's get up in the guts of the books!!!


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